Corporate Etiquettes

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Corporate Etiquettes:

Corporate Etiquettes

Why is Etiquette important ?:

Why is Etiquette important ? Most people in society (business world) will expect you to possess: - Basic manners - Thoughtful, respectful communications - Dining etiquette - Professional appearance

Basic Manners:

Basic Manners You’re Invited! What to wear Quality, classic,Business casual, Casual RSVP – it’s important Introductions Name Tags Managing Food/ Drinks

Types of Etiquettes:

Types of Etiquettes Hand shake Interview etiquette Mobile etiquette Telephone etiquette Office etiquette Dress code Giving business card Dining etiquette Handling people International business etiquette Email etiquette


Conclusion Etiquettes are essential from peon to principal and from employee to employer. Etiquettes are essential to survive and succeed both at the personal and professional level.

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