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SPAIN Members: Adriana Luzardo Navith Arriaga Pablo Canache Jorge Nava Jan-Apr 2011 Level 3 Section : N311 English Final Project Teacher : Doris Molero

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Adriana Luzardo: About me. Unit 1. Unit 2. Reflection. Navith Arriaga: About me. Unit 3. Unit 4. Reflection. Pablo Canache: About me. Unit 5-A. Unit 6-A. Reflection. Jorge Nava: About me Unit 5-B. Unit 6-B. Reflection. Technology: Jorge and Navith. Coodination: Adriana Luzardo. Logistic: Pablo Canache.

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Unit 1

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Unit 2

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g English

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About me Navith Arriaga City and Directions Personal Like Don’t Like Dreams Opinion Description Gestures Shopping Traveling Punto Fijo Need Hobbies Personality Live Age Computer Engineering University Ice Cream Fight Travel for world Small. Brown eyes. Long and Brown hair. Happy Smiling With my Best friends. Chicken Vegetables Fruit and Juice Zulia Maracaibo URBE. Plaza de Toros. Avenue guajira. C2. Sunny Relax Sorfear Maletas Hospedaje Take Photos Outgoing with My friends Hardworking Thinking Serious Graduate Learn Communicate with other peoples the world

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Unit 3 What do we need ? Shopping Spain La Vaguada ( Supermarket ) Vegetables Fruit Poultry Meat Seafood Favorite disk Paella Valenciana Ingredients : Chicken Tomatoes Salt Rice Onion Grated Chilli Mussel Octopus Sausage

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Unit 4 Around the World Spain low medium high Barcelona Cost of living Population 1.619.337 people Weather 20°C Transportation Car Boat Train Crime Traffic Pollution Valencia (España) La malva-rosa Libertador Square Bakery . Church Cristiana Evangelica Santander Bank City Directions Libertador Square

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Reflection Level 3 1) New Friends , New Faces. 2) Express Yourself ! 3) What Do We Need . 4) Around the World 5) Vacation ! 6) All About You . Learned Work Work Group Ideas of Interchange Participate in class New words Writing Reading Listening improved Movies . Songs . 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

About me:

About me I HATE I STUDY AT I MY DREAMS ARE Pablo Canache I AM Inventor Creative Ven ezu ela Falcon Be #1 Graduate Pizza Arepa Meat Fruits Swim Swimmer Smart Strong Lovely Engineer Happy All the World Lie Lazyness Smoke 1 7 Years old

Unit 6-A:

Unit 6-A Dance Play Watch Hobbies Read Sing Act Antonio Banderas Hang out with his friends Polo Karaoke Novels Activities Soccer Games Tango

Unit 5-A :

Unit 5 - A Anual August Lowest Anual 53 F° December Highest Anual 72 F° Spain Wheather Sunny Cloudy RainY


Reflection New technologies Meet new people Learn new vocabulary Talk fearless I Write correctly Study Hard New words Better Grammar Smooth Talk Find new friends Creat a Blog

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Jorge Nava Personal Information L ikes D islikes English Opinion School 17 Dance Dreams amistad amor People Gestures/feelings shopping Vacation Places/ directions All about you I’m Zapato grande House Sister Live Age I’m Tall Travel Sing Pizza computer Greeting Supermarket food Shoes store separations fights indifference organized Play Weather Record CD travel graduate Around the world Know people necessary ban University

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Travel for Spain first : get a passport second : buy a plane ticket family Friends Eighth : Photo Third: Pack your suitcase. Fourth : Check into your Hotel Fifth : Travel in the plane . Sixth : Unpack Seventh : go sightseeing Tennis Jacket Jeans T’shirt Unit 5 Lesson B

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Unit 6 Lesson B Independent. Winner Victorious Sing Impulsive Serious Friendly Outgoing Antonio Banderas

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Reflection Learned Blog Program unit Classes Classmates Suggestion Speaking Writing Listening Reading Vocabulary Thinking Content Like Don’t put Many activities Unit 5 Lesson B

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Reflection Learned Blog Classes Classmates Suggestion Speaking Writing Listening Reading Vocabulary Thinking Don’t put Many activities

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