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Does Telecommuting Increase Worker Productivity? :

Does Telecommuting Increase Worker Productivity? Elizabeth Birmingham English 1A Dr. Levinson

What is telecommuting?:

What is telecommuting? The term telecommuting was coined in 1973 by Jack Nilles “Moving the work to the workers instead of moving the workers to the work”

The Local, State and Federal Governments :

The Local, State and Federal Governments The Clean Air Act- Companies with 100 or more employees Allow 25% of their workforce to telecommute The National Telecommuting and Air Quality Act- Companies could earn pollution tax credits

Advantages :

Advantages Telecommuters have greater flexibility Federal government studies show 39% increase in productivity Reduce stress levels from shorter/no commute Reduced real estate and utility costs for companies


Disadvantages Telecommuters can feel disconnected and out of the loop Missed opportunities for important “spur of the moment” meetings “Out of sight out of mind” Managers have trouble managing people they cannot see

Employee Benefits :

Employee Benefits Save money on commuting Reduce congestion on the roads Live fuller, happier, less stressed lives More focused work and increased productivity Positive relationships with employers

Employer Benefits :

Employer Benefits Reduced real estate costs Bottom line benefits, profits Employee loyalty More focused work and increased productivity Positive relationships with employees

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