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God's Glory in every Language. Japanese Glory


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"God's Glory has gone into Every Language!" Let's see God's Glory, through the BIBLE, and in our own Mother Tongue. Can we see God's Glory? Shall we start with Japanese? The Heavens declare the Glory of God Lord, please show me things I've never seen before The Bible says, Ps 19:1 Ps 19:3 / 1Cor 2:9-Jer 33:3 / What do you like to SEE ? - - - (or HEAR ?) --- Besides TV, that is !! CLICK NOW An amazing HARMONY exists between the Bible & Every Language Does a Mountain of 'Something', Hide the Light ? CLICK NOW (A Presentation - by Frank Jesudian) LINGUISTIC BLESSINGS

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However, there's A PROBLEM because, "WE ALL HAVE SINNED" EVERY PERSON COMES SHORT of the GLORY OF GOD, IS THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE AWARE of this PROBLEM? IN JAPANESE, EVERY = PERSON = SIN = A slight shift in 'EVERY PERSON', Leads to SIN, In fact, the wages of SIN is DEATH or 'SINU' is DEATH In Japanese, EVERY PERSON = Rom 6:23 Rom 3:23 Only FORGIVENESS can set us free / making MAN SMALL !! 'Click Now'

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The BIBLE says, The GLORY of FORGIVENESS Without BLOOD there is NO FORGIVENESS Japanese says, Without RED there is NO FORGIVENESS How Come?! In Japanese, Red = & Forgiveness = So, without 'RED', there is no 'FORGIVENESS' Have another look at RED It shows something flowing below the Cross That "something", could be RED -- or BLOOD Heb 9:22 / Jn 1:1 Lk 23:44 / Jesus is the WORD, Let's examine another Japanese word for Forgiveness Forgiveness is, -- comprising of & = WORD, = NOON How does Japanese connect 'Forgiveness' with 'WORD' & 'NOON'? The Bible says, Who was crucified at NOON Through what happened to The WORD at NOON, we all have FORGIVENESS 'Click Now' 'Click Now'

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The Glory of the BODY & BLOOD of JESUS By the BODY and BLOOD of JESUS, we have a LIVING WAY. BODY = MI BLOOD = CHI Without Body, Blood, there is no Way How Come?! WAY = MICHI So, without MI CHI, there is no MICHI Japanese says the same thing Then again, The Bible says, FROM BLOOD is POWER Japanese says the same thing BLOOD = CHI FROM = KARA POWER = CHIKARA So, CHI KARA is CHIKARA Then again, BLOOD, BODY IS POWER BLOOD = CHI BODY = KARADA POWER = CHIKARA IS = DA So, CHI KARADA CHIKARA DA The Bible says, 'Click Now'

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A I U E O KA KI KU KE KO The GLORY of the GOOD NEWS MESSAGE So, using the Japanese Alphabet, Here are the first ten letters of the Japanese Alphabet :-- Using English letters, we get:- Don't you see anything ?! A I U E O KA KI KU KE (I) KO Let's shift the letters to form words. - - - Without change of sequence, Translating into English, we have :- Love On Hill Tree Pain Punishment Child Do you see the Gospel Message ? Let's add a few words Jn3:16 To SEE the GOOD NEWS MESSAGE. Let's Learn like LITTLE CHILDREN, LOVE ON HILL TREE PAIN PUNISHMENT CHILD (God's) (was shown) (a) ('s) (where all our) (&) (were placed on God's) A Popular Hymn says, On a Hill far away, Stood an Old Rugged Cross, An Emblem of Suffering and Shame It was there on that Cross, Where the Dearest and Best For a World of Lost Sinners was Slain Jesus said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega" / 1Pet 2:24 'Click Now' Note that the 'TREE' (or CROSS) is at the center of the message.

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Do You See A CROSS ? The Glory of the Meaning of the Cross Jesus was KILLED Jesus was PUNISHED So That WE might LIVE Gal 2:20 & 1Pet 2:24 KOROSU KORASU KURASU Note that the Japanese words sound like "CROSS" In Japanese In English BC AD -- is that a coincidence ?!! The CROSS stands CENTRALLY between DEATH LIFE LIGHT DARKNESS The World Calendar is linked to Jesus The Japanese Calendar is always linked to the Emperor The Bible shows Jesus, as the 'KING OF KINGS' 'Click Now' The CROSS has also split TIME into TWO -- creating a WORLD CALENDAR What does that make Jesus? Without the CROSS, there is no "SUFFICIENCY" Col 1:20 In Japanese, "SUFFICIENCY' = How Come?! / 1Ti 6:14,15 /

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"Were YOU there, when they Crucified my LORD?" Do you see the 3 Crosses? YOU Amazingly, the Japanese 'YOU' has 3 Crosses Yes, WE were all THERE In Japanese, The 'YOU' at the Cross, is more dramatic YES, There's Room at the Cross for YOU END

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