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Deserts Class V B

What is a desert:

What is a desert A desert is a place which receives less rainfall. Among the most desolate places on Earth are deserts. About 15 % of our planet’s land surface is covered in true desert

Facts – Desert :

Facts – Desert Do you know that the average rainfall in a year in deserts are less than 25 cm or in some cases no rain fall at all. The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world

Now lets imagine a desert:

Now lets imagine a desert What strikes your mind is large areas of sand and lots of wind blowing through. But are you aware that only 20% of the worlds deserts are sandy whereas others are of rocks and stones

Animals found in desert:

Animals found in desert The road runner Sand grouse Thorny desert lizard Namib lizard Camel

Plants found in deserts:

Plants found in deserts Cacti (Cactus) Yellow oleander Acacia Date Palm Popcorn flower Morman tea Fairy Duster

Information on deserts:

Information on deserts Deserts occur wherever there is very little rainfall such as Sahara desert The Great western desert is also called “Death Valley.”

Some amazing Information:

Some amazing Information In 1971,it snowed in Sahara desert. There are Some cactus which have grown 50 feet and some which has lived for 300 years. Death valley is the hottest desert in the world.


Deserts So, take care of our land. Use Water carefully or chances that our lands might also turn to a desert. Thank you Done by : B.Sai Venkatesh

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