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Prince Henry:

Prince Henry “The Navigator”

Who was Prince Henry?:

Who was Prince Henry? Prince Henry… was the son of the king of Portugal. was born in 1394. eventually earned the nickname “Prince Henry the Navigator.”

Early Conquests:

Early Conquests In 1415 Prince Henry led a Portuguese conquest to defeat a Muslim stronghold in Morocco. While in Morocco, he developed an interest in Africa. He began studying the geography of Africa. He wanted to sail around the west coast of Africa to find a sea route to Asia. Morocco

Prince Henry’s Navigation School:

Prince Henry’s Navigation School Prince Henry opened a navigation school in 1418. Students were trained in cartography (map-making) how to sail the caravel how to use tools of exploration like the astrolabe and compass Prince Henry’s Navigation School at Vila do Bispo , Portugal

Prince Henry’s Explorers:

Prince Henry’s Explorers Some explorers who trained at Prince Henry’s navigation school went on to sail to the west coast of Africa. 30-40 ships sailed from Portugal to the west coast of Africa from 1444-1446. Eventually Vasco da Gama sailed from Portugal, around the coast of Africa, to India. Prince Henry’s zeal for exploration greatly contributed to Portugal’s vast trading empire in Africa and the Indian Ocean. Vasco da Gama’s route from Portugal to India

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