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By: Jessie Christopher:

By: Jessie Christopher The Coordinate Plane

What is a coordinate plane?:

What is a coordinate plane? A coordinate plane is made up of two number lines that intersect perpendicularly

Slide 3:

Number line - A line that has points that correspond to numbers. The numbers are written in increasing order. Intersect - When two lines cross. The point at which they cross is called the intersection point. Perpendicular - When two lines intersect to form 90  angles at the point of intersection.

Slide 4:

The horizontal line is called the x-axis .

Slide 5:

The vertical line is called the y-axis .

Slide 6:

The point at which the two line intersect is called the origin . origin

Ordered Pair:

Ordered pairs describe the location of a point. It is a set of two numbers written in the form (x, y) . The ordered pair of the origin is (0, 0). Ordered Pair

Slide 8:

The first number in the ordered pair represents the location of the point along the x-axis. The second number represents the location of the point along the y-axis.

How to plot points:

Suppose the point is (-3, 3). Which number indicates the position on the x-axis? How to plot points

Slide 10:

If you answered -3, you’re CORRECT!

Slide 11:

Start at the origin and move to -3 on the x-axis.

Slide 12:

Recall the ordered pair (-3, 3). Which number indicates the location on the y-axis?

Slide 13:

If you answered 3, you’re CORRECT!

Slide 14:

Starting where we left off, move up 3 units on the y-axis. Place a dot here to represent (-3, 3).

Slide 15:

Let’s plot the point (1, 1): 1. Put your finger on the origin 2. Move your finger to the position on the x-axis 3. Without picking up your finger, move to the position on the y-axis 4. Place a dot here to represent (1, 1)



Slide 17:

You can… Find the distance between points Write an expression that represents the line that connects two or more points Find the slope of the line that connects points

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