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How to draw vincent :

How to draw vincent By Bev Chick, Art Teacher Illustrations by Beverly Chick and From Draw Real People! By Lee Hammond


PORTRAIT RULES FOR BEGINNERS Start with Full Face (Frontal) View. It is the easiest type of portrait to do. Do not attempt a ¾ Face View or any View that shows head tilted or in an odd position. These types of portraits are difficult. Heads are Tilted Head is turned. Only ¾ of Face is Shown

Drawing Vincent:

Drawing Vincent Start with the Vincent Face Template Place tracing paper over this template. Trace it with a graphite pencil. Turn the tracing paper over so you see the back and rub graphite pencil over the lines. Only put graphite pencil on the lines--not on the entire thing. Take your tracing paper with the traced graphite pencil image and place it on a clean sheet of paper. Trace over the image with a pen or pencil. The graphite on the back of the tracing paper will transfer image onto new sheet of paper. Make sure horizontal lines and vertical lines are straight, not wavy or crooked. Go over them with a ruler to make sure .

Drawing Vincent - Hair:

Drawing Vincent - Hair Add Vincent’s hair. Draw in the outline of the hair like this, so you know what the basic shape is going to be.

Drawing Vincent - Eyes:

Drawing Vincent - Eyes Using the template, draw an arched line at the point near where the horizontal and vertical line intersect as shown below Draw another arched line over that one to form an almond shape. Then draw the circle for the eye in the middle. Each eye should be a mirror image of the other one. If they are not, it won’t look right. Make sure you have an almond shape with points at each end as shown below You do NOT want these shapes below

Drawing Vincent:

Drawing Vincent 1. Draw Straight Line and this half circle shape 2. Draw top line to make it look like an Almond 3. Space between eyes is one eye width—the Third Eye Rule 4. If you draw a line through the corner end points of the eyes, they should line up like this THE EYES *Eye illustration (Right) from Draw Real People! By Lee Hammond A normal human’s eyes are drawn like this. Vincent’s eyes are the same , they are just set deeper into his face.

Drawing Vincent – The Nose:

Vincent’s nose lines up with the eyes like a human nose, but is shaped more like a cat’s nose. Drawing Vincent – The Nose Inside corners of eyes (tear ducts) line up with edges of nose* *Third Eye & Nose illustration from Draw Real People! By Lee Hammond Human Nose Space between eyes is about one eye width (The Third Eye rule.)

Drawing Vincent – The Mouth:

Drawing Vincent – The Mouth Corners of Mouth line up with inside of eye Vincent’s Mouth is very similar to a standard human mouth The main different between a human’s mouth and Vincent’s is this line that runs from the nose into the mouth Make sure the mouth is curved like this one.

Drawing Vincent – The Eyebrows:

Drawing Vincent – The Eyebrows The hair extends down into the sides of the nose, as indicated by this line In between these lines are where the eyebrows go. The final version should look like this below

Drawing Vincent- Shading:

Drawing Vincent- Shading Hair Shading & Texture You can make this type of hair stroke by using the side of your graphite pencil and NOT the tip. Pencil must be sharpened and elongated for this to work.

Drawing Vincent – Final Drawing:

Drawing Vincent – Final Drawing Sketch by Bev Chick – Graphite Pencil

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