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If Today Was Your Last Day What Would You Do?

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“Sing On A Huge Stage” - Beatrice Piat

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“Travel The World” -Danielle Bangalan And Monica Murthy

Slide 4:

“Jump Off A Building” -Michaela Allison

Slide 5:

“Fly Somewhere Overseas” -Brianna King

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“Spend Time With Your Friends” -Brianna King

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“See Everyone’s Smile For The Last Time And Have As Much Fun As You Can” - Filisha Kumar

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“Go Clubbing With Friends” -Danielle Bangalan

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“Rob A Bank And Buy Something Cool And Sky Dive” - Arelle Fowke

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“Spend It With My Family” - Dani Gordon

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“Spend The Day With My Close Friends And Family” -Claire Franklin

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These are the people that give everyone the courage to carry on and treat everyday like its your last

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Have fun and treat everyday LIKE ITS UR LAST!

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