The Policy Lifecycle


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The Policy Life Cycle:

The Policy Life Cycle A guide to understanding initial implementation And ongoing policy management

Makeup of the Policy Library*:

Makeup of the Policy Library* *For simplicity, the word “policy” is used to mean any document.

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The Life of a Policy Before PolicyStat This policy has been through just three reviews, but there are now four documents that must be stored on your server: one active version + three old ones. With software like PolicyStat, only the current version is stored in the system, but you can still see what the old versions looked like by showing changes.

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The Policy Life Cycle In PolicyStat Author/ e ditor “pends” for approval A change is made; a draft is automatically saved in the system. Policy goes through approval process A new policy is needed An obsolete policy is retired An old version is automatically archived when a revised policy becomes active

New Policy Creation Process:

New Policy Creation Process

Approval Workflow Process:

Approved policy is live and active Author/Editor “Pends for Approval” For New or Revised Policies If any one of the approvers rejects the proposed changes and pends for approval, the process starts over and the revised draft goes to the first approver. Approval Workflow Process

Status of a Policy:

Status of a Policy And Actions Allowed

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