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Overview Chapters 1 & 2

Chpt. 1-A New Way of Thinking About Classroom Management:

Chpt . 1-A New Way of Thinking About Classroom Management Effective classroom management requires knowledge of cultural backgrounds. (Weinstein, 2003) pg. 2 Culture is defined as “the systems of values, beliefs, and ways of knowing that guide communities of people in their daily lives. (Trumbull, 2005, p. 35) pg. 3 What happens in the classroom is primarily reflective of the cultural values of the school and the teacher. For example..what teachers consider to be ‘discipline problems ‘ are determined by their own cultural, filtered through personal values and teaching style.

Chpt. 1 cont. :

Chpt . 1 cont. Research suggests that two broad cultural value systems shape people’s thoughts and actions.. Individualism—focus on independence. Self-reliance, individual achievement Collectivism-focus on working together, interdependence, cooperation, family unity No child should have to choose between family or school values and thereby lose out on crucial socialization. We can teach them to know the difference and when to use the skills.

Chpt. 2-The Culture of the Group:

Chpt . 2-The Culture of the Group Student’s behaviors and the beliefs that motive them emerge from within their families. Classrooms set up with each desk sitting individually promotes individualism and self success. Whereas, classrooms organized with desk clusters promote interdependence and working together.

Chpt. 2 cont::

Chpt . 2 cont: “The Power of the group”-students know that their actions are important to the rest of the class Bulletin boards and wall space are used for exhibiting student work, posting rules, motivating student through inspirational posters, sharing information such as student of the week. Students should be allowed to share personal experiences.

Chpt. 2 cont.:

Chpt . 2 cont. Teachers take the role of a facilitator for activities, once rules and routines are established. The teacher is part of the conversation. Families are very important part of student’s success. Parent contact should be made for both pleasant and unpleasant situations (it shouldn’t always be negative). Parents should hear from the teacher within the first month of school.

It is imperative that we have the Teacher-Parent relationship:

It is imperative that we have the Teacher-Parent relationship

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