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NOYS Presentation October 2008

Introducing : 

Introducing Kidz-IDz was founded by a group of parents troubled by the increasing number of missing, abducted, and injured children in our country. The statistics are staggering: According to the Dept of Justice, more than 800,000 children were reported missing during a one-year period, resulting in an average of 2,185 children being reported missing each day. Of those, 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions, another 58,200 children were the victims of non-family abductions, and 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. During the ten years from 1982 to 2000, the number of people reported missing increased from 154,341 to 876,213, which is an astonishing 468%. Just as alarming is the fact that more than 8 million children suffer from a serious injury or chronic illness each year. Determined to change these statistics, Kidz-IDz offers products to preventand respond to such emergencies. These products include: Child Photo ID & Medical Emergency Cards Electronic IDs Safetyville Board Game

Child Photo ID & Medical Emergency Cards : 

Child Photo ID & Medical Emergency Cards The hard plastic Child Photo ID & Medical Emergency Card is really two cards in one. The front of the ID Card is imprinted with the child’s color photo plus important biographical information, including: First initial with last name Date of birth Height Weight Eye color Hair color Gender The back of the card includes medical & emergency information, including: Medical conditions Allergies Emergency contact Three phone numbers Optional medical release section

Electronic IDs : 

Electronic IDs Every Kidz-IDz ID Card comes with a FREE Electronic ID (personalized files for your home computer), enabling a child's photo and important personal information to be passed along to law enforcement agencies and emergency medical personnel in an emergency. The files on the Electronic ID include: Child Profile Sheet Common Tricks of Child Abduction Missing Children Agencies Safety Poster What to do if your Child is Missing To be able to provide such information, accurately & quickly, is an important responsibility of a parent. However, it takes most parents much too long - in excess of four or five hours - to gather this information. The fact is, a quick response can make a big difference. * The Kidz-IDz Electronic ID puts this information at your fingertips, making it available within seconds. There simply is nothing more important. * Statistics show that the first three hours are the most crucial. 76.2 percent of abducted children who are murdered are dead within three hours of the abduction. [Katherine M. Brown, Robert D. Keppel, and Joseph G. Weis, Marvin E. Skeen. CASE MANAGEMENT for Missing Children Homicide Investigation. Olympia, Washington: Office of the Attorney General, State of Washington and U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, May 2006, page 13.]

Safetyville Board Game : 

Safetyville Board Game Have you ever tried to teach a child something important, but she wasn’t really paying attention? Have you ever played a game with a child and noticed how much he really wants to win? Children get so absorbed in this competitive board game that they don’t even realize they are learning to stay safe in today’s unsafe world. For example, does your child know that if a police officer comes to the door, that he/she should not be let inside?  Instead, teach your child to dial 911, and to relay to the operator that there is someone at the door claiming to be a police officer, and to follow the operator’s instructions. Two to four players, all skill levels play together – even nonreaders can join in the fun!

Kidz-IDz Teams Up with NOYS : 

Kidz-IDz Teams Up with NOYS As proponents of child safety, Kidz-IDz has teamed up with NOYS to help protect our nation’s youth from missing child episodes and unintentional injuries through the distribution of FREE Child Photo ID Cards.  As of 2008, every NOYS member is being provided with the opportunity to get a free, hard plastic, Child Photo ID & Medical Emergency Card (nominal s&h applies).    In addition to the free Child Photo ID Card, each member also receives a free Electronic ID.

Kidz-IDz & NOYS Expand Partnership : 

Kidz-IDz & NOYS Expand Partnership To reach even more families all across America, Kidz-IDz & NOYS have expanded their partnership, which now includes the promotion of The Ultimate Fundraiser through the Kidz-IDz fundraising division, Enjoy the City Promotions. Enjoy the City Promotions offers a no-cost, risk-free fundraiser to organizations, schools, youth sports teams, and other groups. This fundraiser, known as The Ultimate Fundraiser, not only helps groups raise much needed funds by selling coupon books, but also helps more kids stay safe than ever before. Specifically, a FREE Child Photo ID Card is one of over 300 offers for free & discounted products & services offered in each edition of the Enjoy the City Coupon Book. The fully-customizable Coupon Books contain over $2,000 in savings from a wide variety of family-friendly merchants, retail stores, and restaurants. The proceeds from book sales enable NOYS members to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for their local chapters and national offices. Specifically, each organization raises between $11 - $13.50 per book sold.

Sample Retailers in Enjoy the City Books : 

Sample Retailers in Enjoy the City Books

You are an Important Part of Our Team : 

You are an Important Part of Our Team Our goal is to educate families about child safety and to offer best practices, in an effort to prevent missing child episodes and unintentional injuries. We follow up these educational tools with child safety products that enable parents to be prepared for an emergency so that they can react swiftly, and efficiently. The Ultimate Fundraiser is the conduit by which we team up with organizations, such as yours, to deliver more Child Photo ID Cards into the marketplace than ever before. We encourage you to become a part of our team, and to actively promote this fundraiser within your organization. You will be rewarded not only by knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of children, but with the thousands of dollars in raised funds that your organization can put to good use.

Next Steps : 

Next Steps There are two ways to take advantage of our partnership with NOYS to further your child safety efforts. The first way exclusively promotes Child Photo ID Cards, while the second includes a fundraising component. 1. If you are solely interested in promoting child safety without including a fundraising component, you may make your members aware of our FREE Child ID Card offer by directing your chapters, members, and affiliates to There, they may enroll to get their free Child Photo ID & Medical Emergency Card with Electronic ID (nominal s&h applies). 2. If you are interested in promoting child safety in conjunction with raising funds for your organization, our sincere hope is that your national office will actively promote The Ultimate Fundraiser to your local chapters. At no cost to you, Kidz-IDz will develop and host a landing page exclusively for your organization, so that individual chapters may log on to learn about the program and sign up! Not only will your local chapters earn money, but your national office will, as well. To take advantage of this opportunity, please execute the MOU that was provided by NOYS, then call Michael Pouls at 610-613-0377 to get the ball rolling. Note that if you would like to refer your local chapters to The Ultimate Fundraiser, but are not in a position to support the program at the national level, you may simply refer them to so that they may participate in this fundraiser at the local level.

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