Why use a VPN and how to select the best VPN


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Why use a VPN?:

Why use a VPN? A simple explanation www.vpnauthority.com

Get maximum internet security:

Get maximum internet security A VPN create s a private virtual tunnel between your computer and the host server As a result, the VPN provides a layer of security you did not have before This gives you maximum protection from data and password thieves/snoopers in wi-fi hotspots and public internet connections Editor’s note: Ensure your VPN uses at least 256-bit encryption

Surf the internet anonymously:

Surf the internet anonymously Surf the internet while masking your IP address IP's are tracked and traced in most web order forms, websites, and used for malicious purposes By using a VPN , you will see the VPN’s assigned address instead of your IP and origin country Denver, Colorado (even though you live in Melbourne, Australia) Illustrative example – what your IP will become after connecting to a US VPN:

Access local content:

Access local content If your VPN has servers in the US, you’ll be able to access US-based content If your VPN has servers in the UK, you’ll be able to access UK-based content

Qualities of a top VPN:

Qualities of a top VPN www.vpnauthority.com

Seek these qualities in a top VPN:

Seek these qualities in a top VPN Uncompromised internet security (with 256-bit encryption) Variety of US and UK-based servers Fast connection speeds 24/7 customer service Unlimited VPN server switching Unlimited bandwidth Low pricing

Try VPN Authority FREE with a trial account:

Try VPN Authority FREE with a trial account http://www.vpnauthority.com

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