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Drugs Used in Pregnancy Prepared & presented by Dr. Siva Reddy Challa Professor & HOD Department of Pharmacology, KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vijayawada-520010, Andhra Pradesh INDIA

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NSAIDs causes patent ductus arteriosus ( failure of closure of ductus Arteriosus usually present in every fetus before birth ) infants after birth

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NSAID induced patent ductus arteriosus

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Lithium salts causes Ebstein’s anomaly in fetus of the pregnant women

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Lithium salts causes Ebstein’s anomaly

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Thalidomide causes Phocomelia (limb deformities) in fetus of the pregnant women

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Thalidomide caused Phocomelia

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Folic acid deficiency caused Neural tube defects ( Spina bifida, Encephaly, Encephalocele ) Valproic acid causes decreased absorption of Folic acid and leads to deficiency of folic acid which may results in neural tube defects in the fetus

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Paroxetine ( Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor ) Causes cardiac defects

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Paroxetine causes cardiac defects in fetus

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Alcohol induced Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Valproic acid induced Fetal Valproate Syndrome

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Fetal valproate syndrome

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Children exposed to carbamazepine

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Phenytoin induced Fetal Hydantoin Syndrome

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Fetal hydantoin syndrome

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Busulfan and chlorambucil (chemotherapy) induced cleft palate

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Opiod analgesic induced Drug withdrawal syndromes

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Opiod analgesic induced Drug withdrawal syndromes

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Isotretinoin (Vitamin A derivative) induced Fetal defects

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Smoking Induced Fetal defects like Cleft palate, Premature births, Low birth weight, Abortions

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Your care during pregnancy Spares the life of fetus Why should fetus suffer For The mistakes of the negligent mother

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If you want to a fetus free from Birth defects, plan your pregnancy in advance. If you do not plan, at least Take folic acid as a routine Supplementation and save the baby from birth defects

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God is the wonderful creator of fetus Mother is a guard of health of the fetus Gynecologist is the guide of the mother

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Once you know that you are pregnant, stop taking drugs that you already taking and consult Physician if want to continue the same treatment , Unless otherwise, it is considered as an emergency, do not take any medication. If you want to take, consult physician.

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Please remember Your wealth of knowledge regarding drug use in pregnancy, Is the ultimate health of your fetus

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This presentation is dedicated to My wife

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Thank you

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