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DEPPRSION By: Mistie Hamilton

What is Depression?:

What is Depression? An Illness that is affected by a brain imbalance. It affects are moods, thoughts, and body. Can be dangers to one self and others. Depression needs to be treated. One can not fix this on their own.

What brings on depression?:

What brings on depression? Abuse from family mentally and physical. Women's biological affects. Death of someone. Life in general. Can inherit depression.

Who gets depressed?:

Who gets depressed? Children, Women, and the elderly. Seen mostly in women and adult patients. Even though men get depressed it not real common. No matter your ethnical back ground.

Things to consider before taking Antidepressant.:

Things to consider before taking Antidepressant. 30% of people go into full remission after taking their first course of medication. Some work better than others. Some need more medication. Antidepressant can cause more suicidal thinking and behavior in children.

Celexa, Lexapro, and Paxil are in the same category of medication for depression.:

Celexa, Lexapro, and Paxil are in the same category of medication for depression. These are the top three medications that are recommended for depression. When considering these medication talk with your doctor about getting started. Some medications may interacted with these depression medications.

Advantages to over coming depression.:

Advantages to over coming depression. Life is more injoyable. Work Family and friends are back on your social list. Days of sadness are over.

Disavanteges of depression.:

Disavanteges of depression. May affect one for long peroids of time. Side effects of these medication. Physical pain from depression. Just having to take medicne.

Side Effects to these three medications.:

Side Effects to these three medications. Sexual problems including low sex drive or inability to have and orgasm are common but reversible. Dizziness Headaches Nausea right after a dose. Insommnia Feeling jittery May have side effects but seemed to fade out or become manageable.

Being a user of Celexa for five years.:

Being a user of C elexa for five years. Life is so much more enjoyable. My days of crying are over. I like going out to see family and friends again. I have started living again.

If you are thinking, I have depression.:

If you are thinking, I have depression. Then take the first step to living again. Talk with your doctor today. Don’t feel alone that your the only one with depression, for 18 million Americans have this Illness.

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