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Murray State University Recycling Training Program Department for Facilities Management

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1990 Cardboard Paper Aluminum Cans

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Tires Used Motor Oil Used Oil Filters Batteries Freon Mineral Spirits Antifreeze Copper Today White Paper Mixed Color Paper Cardboard Aluminum Cans Junk Mail Magazines Books Newspaper Concrete Rock and Debris Scrap Metal Scrap Iron Wire Wood Pallets Wood Asphalt

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Successful Efforts

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University Recycling Program Your Part Our Part People at their work stations separate recyclable materials from other waste products. Facilities Management staff follows through with managing and distributing the materials.

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Your Part You help by separating the recyclable materials at your desk. This is critical because it prevents recyclable materials from ever reaching the landfill.

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Source Separation Aluminum Cans White Paper Mixed Paper Plastic, paperclips, food, etc. Cardboard

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Paper Blue Container White Copy Paper White Stationery White Envelopes Mixed Color Paper Junk Mail Catalogs Magazines Folders Telephone Books Text Books Newspapers Red Container

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Paper Purchased & Recycled in 1999 19,500 gallons of oil Enough energy to heat 25 homes for a year 850 Trees 150 cubic yards of land- fill space 350,000 gallons of water A Savings Of:

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Aluminum Cans University departments and offices each have their own process of recycling aluminum cans. Some have designated boxes or containers, while others use the large blue containers supplied by the University.

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Aluminum Cans Purchased & Recycled in 1999 Enough energy was saved to completely light 25 two- bedroom homes and power a television set in each of those homes for a year.

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Cardboard The cardboard generated in your office can be broken down and placed next to the red and blue containers. This makes it easier for pick up and disposal.

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Corrugated Cardboard Only

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Move-In Day Cardboard Collection 7 to 10 thousand pounds of cardboard A column three feet in diameter, eight stories high

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Our Part Consists of building service technicians and groundskeepers managing and distributing the separated materials.

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Additional Services Recycling Line 270-762-3183

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Call the Recycling Line 270-762-3183 Work Orders

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11 Million Pounds Recycled in 1990s

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Department for Facilities Management

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Questionnaire Card University Recycling Program

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