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HERSHEY PARK By Richie & Caroline & Mikey

Hershey Park :

Hershey Park  I can’t wait for Hershey and I'm also excited for going on all of the rollercoaster's and eating lots of chocolate!  ~Caroline

Now Coming Up: The Farenheit:

Now Coming Up: The Farenheit Mikey should go on this hehehehehehehehe >: D

Storm Runner:

Storm Runner My (Richie and Caroline) 3 rd favorite ride 

Lightning Racers Green Team at Night:

Lightning Racers Green Team at Night Remember last year, when we were the only ones on? Good times 

Lightning Racers Red at Noon:

Lightning Racers Red at Noon Doesn’t it seem like Red always wins? :/

The Comet!:

The Comet! Our best family ride, and one of our favorites :D :D :D :D

The Trailblazer:

The Trailblazer Dad almost touched the ground! Why is this never crowded, it’s really fun!

The Wildcat:

The Wildcat Ouch! Mikey hurt his neck on this! 

The Wild Mouse:

The Wild Mouse We all know this is Mom’s favorite! Memories, much?

The Great Bear:

The Great Bear This deserves to be worshipped out of sheer terror and greatness. Weird mix?

The End :

The End 

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