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WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD! The intersection of Hollywood Blvd and Highland

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This is the giant shopping mall next door to our hotel - the Hollywood & Highland Center, as seen from Hollywood Blvd. The famous “Hollywood“ sign is hazily visible under the walkway in the middle of the photo

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The Hollywood & Highland Center. Over the top? Ya think!

Slide 4:

The most inexplicable use of an elephant at the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Slide 5:

A helicopter arrives and the city is saved!

Slide 6:

Yes, I got to stand right next to Ol ’ Blue Eyes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Slide 7:

The Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Blvd is where the Oscars are held every February

Slide 8:

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd is where stars have pressed handprints and footprints into cement in front of the building.

Slide 9:

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was apparently the site of a movie premier “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” that day and a crew was setting up posters and lights. The white flecks on the left side of the photo are soap flakes being dropped from the roof to look like snow.

Slide 10:

A street actor on Hollywood Blvd dressed as Spiderman

Slide 11:

Spiderman saves a tourist for the camera and some cash

Slide 12:

One of two wax museums in Hollywood. Uh, no, we didn’t pay to go in.

Slide 13:

Women actually do wear these high heels and those women actually do fall on their bums. Hollywood Blvd.

Slide 14:

Codpiece Collage. Hollywood Blvd.

Slide 15:

Our favorite store on Hollywood Blvd is La Marca del Diablo, The Mark of the Devil. They offer great T-shirts from Mexico, mostly with goofy Day of the Dead figures who are usually up to no good, and Danny’s sons really like the shirts we’ve bought them as souvenirs. We actually did something “cool”!

Slide 16:

Traffic at Sunset Blvd. This congestion keeps up pretty much 24 hours a day, every day.

Slide 17:

You’d think these gas prices would slow people down!

Slide 18:

There are billboards of all sizes every few feet in LA, and this billboard is almost as big as the building it hangs on. We think it’s for a “Transformers” movie opening later this month. The sky was hazy like this most of the time we were there, but it wasn’t all smog. The Angelinos refer to the foggy haze as “June Gloom.”

Slide 19:

Another almost irresistible Hollywood Blvd attraction … almost.

Slide 20:

My good buddy Zoltar was there to greet me. Hope I’m getting good news!

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