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Boycott To Help GAZA

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I 'am a Palestinian who is livening outside my Land (Palestine) because the Israelis took it forcibly by violent and war, and also some help from our neighbor!!! I wish every day to go back, just to die on "Al Aqasa" gate while defending it.

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Israel is the terrorist who kill children's, women's, old people who can't defend them self's and destroy houses, mosques, hospitals leavening thousands without homes, money, or just a sip of water even wounded that if them where not killed from Israeli pullets , they die from lake of care, food, and living outside in the cold.

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Israel is the Terrorist

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Israel is the Terrorist

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Israel is the Terrorist

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Israel is the Terrorist

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Israel is the Terrorist

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Israel is the Terrorist

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Israel is the Terrorist

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We have been like this since 1948 for 60 years until now

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The Eighteenth Day 930 Martyr AND 4280 Wounded Don’t tell me about the Israeli's who where killed or wounded? What!!! See now! in the past three weeks how many Palestinian where killed and wounded more than 50% of them where harmless children, women they where sleeping, eating or playing in their home. Israel is not using any kind of missile or munitions, it's using those who gives eternal insufficiency.

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Why is that??? Because of Hamas is defending about our pride, dignity, and Land from Israeli's who took it Forcibly

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We have no army to define us (Palestinian AND Palestine). So normal people became our army, they are being armed by submission to God "?? ??? ???? ????“, following Sunna (of the Prophet) "???? ???? ???? ???? ? ????“, the Holy Koran our book, and rockets who do they made by their hand that is harming the Israeli's by God wish.

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After this blood bath don't we still have the right to Boycott Israeli's product and the companies who help them arming? I' am outside Palestine so this is the at least thing that can I help with. Is To say NO

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