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Lebron James:

L ebron James By: Jhawan Sutton Date: 6/20/11

Date and place of birth:

Date and place of birth Lebron James was born December 30, 1984 lebron James was born in Akron Ohio

Where the person was rasied:

Where the person was rasied Lebron James was raised in Akron Ohio The parents of lebron James is Gloria James and he didn’t have a dad Raised by his parents

Parents :

Parents Gloria James is Lebron James mother Lebron James was raised by his mom and she was a single parent She didn’t when lebron James was a kid but she got arrested in Miami Yes Gloria James is still living Gloria James is single

Siblings and childhood :

Siblings and childhood No siblings He was a good student in school because he liked playing basketball and then he dropped out of high school No he didn't finish high school he dropped and went straight to the NBA

What would they be doing now :

What would they be doing now If he was doing what he is doing now what would he be doing? I think if Lebron concerted to play basketball because he loved it and he dropped out of high school to play in the NBA Because that what he wanted to do

Important information and events in his life :

Important information and events in his life Lebron James first break was when he was getting drafted Lebron James do NBA cares that cares about the kids and enjoy them Lebron James mom got arrested at Miami Beach hotel Nba Bernard king scores 60 points when lebron James was born that happen on that they 12/30/1984

Important historical events:

Important historical events He became a nba basketball pictures And got to the NBA Finals 2010-2011 with the Miami heat He is famous because he is a NBA basketball player Lebron James affected lives of others because he let down the Miami heat team to win a championship

Other information:

Other information When Lebron James was in middle school he played for AAU basketball. So him and his friends wanted to go to the same high school and play basketball together. Then when it all became they was at high school basketball championship but lost it then he dropped and went to the NBA


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