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Technology from Germany ( Edge Filtration ) Dai Chi Cooling System ( Fine Filtration System for Carbide /HSS Tool Grinding ) * It is Wrapped homogeneous element construction with glass fiber inside. * This allows even content of Water wihout problems. HSS has not been a problem ( No.of Candles Used 19 nos) Method of operation : 1. Sludge box 2. Semi clean tank section 3. Clean tank section

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Stages of Operation (Fine Filtration System) Step 1: Filtering Mode In normal operation, dirty oil from the Grinding machine is taken from theDai Chi dirty oil storage area and introduced into the filter vessel. Oil is forced to the center of each element. All particles larger than one micron are trapped on the O.D. of the filter element. Clean oil is then deposited into the Dai Chi's clean oil storage area and is delivered to the Grinding machine upon demand. Step 2: Draining Mode Prior to backflushing the elements, the filter vessel is drained into the dirty storage area through the use of compressed air. Step 3: Backflushing Mode The backflushing mode is fully automated. Compressed air is introduced through the top and center of each element. Dirt and debris are forced out of the filter vessel into the paper lined sludge box, which should be emptied approximately once a month. The entire backflushing procedure takes only six minutes.

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Advantages of Dai –Chi Fine Filtration System Automatic operation without the use of consumables low maintenance cost & Low Cost ( since only 19 Elements ) Extended Coolant Life Increase Surface finish of Product Decrease Production Cylce time Reduce Operating Cost Recovery of Carbide Dust 40% Cost Saving when compared to Transor System Filtration down to 3 µm

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