Red Vs. Red Part 1 (A Pokemon Sprite Animation)

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Red: I only need one more badge... And then I’ll be able to challenge the Elite 4! Red:W -WHO ARE YOU?! ???: I’m more familiar than you’d think... Red: Can this be? Are you... ???: Yes. I am yourself from the not-so-distant future... Red:And how do I know you’re not just a cosplayer ?! Future Red: Because I know something no-one else apart from our mother would know. Your secret... Red: Umm... Okay, I believe you! But just tell me, why are you here? Future Red: Because you are destined to become to greatest master, and I will test you. Red: Does that mean I’m, I mean you’re, the Pokemon League Champion ?! Future Red: Indeed. Now, are you ready to be tested? Red: Absolutely!

Slide 2:

Red: A Venusaur? Don’t you know that Grass is weak against Fire? Future Red: ... Red: Charmeleon , use Ember!

Slide 3:

It’s Super Effective!

Slide 4:

Red: WHAT?! How did it only do that much damage! Future Red: Because I trained my Venusaur well... Future Red:Venusaur ! Sleep Powder! Z Z z Red: C’mon Charmeleon ! Snap out of it! Charmeleon is fast asleep! Future Red: Now, Venusaur, finish off that Charmeleon with Frenzy Plant!

Slide 5:

FAINT Critical Hit! It’s not very effective…

Slide 6:

Red: That is one tough Venusaur! But it won’t stand a chance against my next Pokémon, Espeon! Red: Espeon, finish that Bulk of foliage with Psychic!

Slide 7:

It’s Super Effective! FAINT

Slide 8:

Red: A Snorlax? You’ve got to be kidding me! Future Red: ...Whatever. Use Dig. Red: If you use Dig, then I’ll use... Red: ...Espeon? O_o

Slide 9:


Slide 10:

Red: If you’re using a Snorlax, then I choose... Red: Snorlax! Future Red: Snorlax, use the Double-edge attack!

Slide 11:

Red’s Snorlax

Slide 12:

Future Red’s Snorlax Snorlax is injured by recoil damage

Slide 13:

Red: Snorlax! End it with Explosion! Future Red: *Cough*sucker*Cough*

Slide 14:

Red’s Snorlax FAINT

Slide 15:

Future Red’s Snorlax Snorlax held on using it’s Focus Sash!

Slide 16:

Red: WHAT?! I just killed my own Snorlax for nothing?! Future Red: ’ fraid so...

Slide 17:

Red: Blastoise, I’m counting on you! Flash Cannon!

Slide 18:

Future Red’s Snorlax FAINT

Slide 19:

Red: Yes! Got you in a tight spot, haven’t I? Your strongest is down! Future Red: Who said anything about Snorlax being the best I have?

Slide 20:

Future Red: ...Pikachu, let’s make a start by using Volt Tackle!

Slide 21:

It’s Super Effective!

Slide 22:

Red: Didn’t think I was prepared for that? Blastoise, use Revenge!

Slide 23:


Slide 24:

Red: Alright! Only three more to go! Future Red: Oh, but you haven’t met... My ultimate weapon... Future Red: Mewtwo! Psystrike !

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Slide 26:

Red: This isn’t good!

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