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Collaborative Learning :

Collaborative Learning The Barn Yard Project OR Using group work effectively in the learning process By Linda Young

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This project will examine how collaborative learning, through the introduction and effective utilization of group work as an instructional technique impacts the students’ learning process.

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A group is composed of three or more people who interact over time, depend on each other, and follow shared rules and norms

What is collaborative learning? :

What is collaborative learning?

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When does this strategy work best?

Informal learning groups :

Informal learning groups

Formal learning groups :

Formal learning groups

Learning/Study teams :

Learning/Study teams

Stages of group development:

Stages of group development

What are the limitations?:

What are the limitations ?

What are the advantages?:

What are the advantages?

best practices:

best practices


FORMING GROUPS Form groups of 3-5 Exchange names & contact information Choose a group name Schedule time to spend together


GUIDELINES FOR GROUP PROJECTS all members present every person in the group is able to justify and explain all parts of the project assign rotating roles for each project sign an oath attesting to their involvement be courteous and respectful; work out all differences and problems within the group

What is the role of the educator?:

What is the role of the educator ? The role of the educator changes depending on the activity. There are three main activities that small group teachers have to manage simultaneously : managing the group managing activities managing the learning

Educators should be very clear::

Educators should be very clear : what is to be assessed what criteria will be used to assess the aspect(s) who will apply the assessment criteria and determine marks (lecturer, students - peer and/or self assessment or a combination) how will marks be distributed (shared group mark, group average, individually, combination)

What is the role for the learner?:

What is the role for the learner ? A key feature for group success is the ability to plan the workload and allocate roles rapidly at an early stage . Task Roles Social-Emotional Roles Procedural Roles Individual Roles

ethical, cultural or gender implications :

ethical, cultural or gender implications

Resources and Research:

Resources and Research http ://

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