2C2IA Reading Acquisition Model

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2C2IA Reading Acquisition Model Carmelita M. Difuntorum:

2 C 2 I A Reading Acquisition Model Carmelita M. Difuntorum


COGNITIVE Complex thinking process that is strategy – based. Readers consciously orchestra a variety of thinking skills to make meaning of the texts they read. They rely upon a wide range of background knowledge, both about the world they live in and the ways they can get meaning from a text.


CONSTRUCTIVE Learners make sense of the text by connecting what they know and have experienced with what they are learning. In the transaction, meaning is constructed.

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Constructivism is manifested in classrooms that are characterized by: student – generated ideas self – selection creativity interaction critical thinking personal construction of meaning


INTERACTIVE During the act of reading, there is an interaction between the ideas and language of the author (text) and the background knowledge of the reader which results in the creation of meaning.

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In the classroom, children interact with both peers and adults in a wide variety of settings as they are learning and practicing language and literacy knowledge, skills and strategies. It is important to talk about what is read as well as what one does as reader.


INTEGRATIVE Content Integration Concepts of Science, Mathematics, Social Studies or any other disciplines serve as contents of reading texts. Skills Integration Integrating listening, speaking, writing and viewing with reading to enhance text comprehension.


AFFECTIVE Integrating values in the lesson

2C2IA Reading Instruction Framework:

2 C 2 I A Reading Instruction Framework

SEGMENT 1: Pre – reading :

SEGMENT 1: Pre – reading Activating prior knowledge and building background Developing vocabulary Setting the purpose for reading Predicting/ Inferring Discussing The Magic of Reading

SEGMENT 2: During Reading:

SEGMENT 2: During Reading Interactive Reading Cognitive Strategies Meta cognitive Strategies

SEGMENT 3: Post Reading:

SEGMENT 3: Post Reading Asking and answering questions Engagement activities Developing Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

SEGMENT 4: Developing English Language Competencies:

SEGMENT 4: Developing English Language Competencies Asking and answering questions Engagement activities involving cooperative learning. Direct Teaching Modeling Practice Independent practice Application


SEGMENT 5 Decoding and Deciphering Skills and Strategies (Beginning Reading Grade I – II) Developing Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills and Strategies (Grade III – VI)


SEGMENT 6 Enrichment Activities SEGMENT 7 Across the Curriculum Activities SEGMENT 8 Reading and Writing Connection

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