Emerging Technologies in Outdoor Advertising

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Emerging Technologies: Outdoor Advertising :

Emerging Technologies: Outdoor Advertising By: Adam Graham, Damien D’Anna and Bobby Yarbrough

Chronology of the Industry:

Chronology of the Industry Painted Displays Vinyl Wraps Spectaculars Digital Technology Interactive Bus Shelters

Example: Painted Display :

Example: Painted Display

Example: Vinyl Wrap :

Example: Vinyl Wrap

Example: Spectacular :

Example: Spectacular

Example: Digital :

Example: Digital

The Beauty of Digital Technology :

The Beauty of Digital Technology 8 advertisers instead of 1 Flexibility Dynamic Content Public Service

Flexibility :


Dynamic Content – How It Works:

Dynamic Content – How It Works 08 Jon Gosselin Speaks Out SEPT TUE

Public Service:

Public Service

Illumination Considerations:

Illumination Considerations

Interactive Outdoor Advertising :

Interactive Outdoor Advertising In the advertising world, it is all about being able to target your audience. TV and Radio advertising excelled in the past at being able to guess the audience based on the type of programming. In the future, emerging t echnologies will make it possible for billboard displays to actually recognize and know their audiences.

Interactive Outdoor Advertising :

Interactive Outdoor Advertising

Smart Billboards:

Smart Billboards

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Thank you!

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