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Final Presentation BTC 100 : Prof. Jetmir Troshani Blogs by: Sharmila KC Blackboard Blog on

About Me:

About Me My name is Sharmila K C and I am from Nepal. This is my 2 nd semester at LaGuardia Community College and my major is Nursing. Blog 1

8 megapixel Sony camera coming to iphone 5:

8 megapixel Sony camera coming to i phone 5 Blog 2 There has been a rumor that the coming iphone 5 will have 8 mega pixel camera. The coming iphone 5 camera supplier might be Sony. Analyst claims that iphone 5 will outsell the current iphone 4.

AT&T to acquire T-mobile for $39 billion:

AT&T to acquire T-mobile for $39 billion At&t to acquire T-mobile USA for a cash and stock deal worth $39 billion. BGR reported After this acquisition AT&T will be the only GSM wireless provider in US. I think with this acquisition AT&T might increase the rate plan for their service. Blog 3

How useful is Dropbox?:

How useful is Dropbox ? Drop box was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in 2007. It allows to store your documents and can be accessed from any computers anywhere in the world. Drop box can be used from anywhere in any computer using the set up email address and password. Blog 4


About Qwiki is the website which show us the specific information by using text, images, videos and video telling story. You just need to type a search topic and it will show you its magic. . The other benefit of QWIKI is we can replay, pause and restart in our own convenience. Blog 5

Apple sued over Iphone:

Apple sued over Iphone Two customers of ipad and iphone sued Apple INC. for alleged invasion and computer fraud. They also claim that they securely recording and storing the location and movement of the iphone . I am a iphone user and should I be worried about my privacy?? Blog 6

Sprint to launch HTC Evo 3D:

Sprint to launch HTC Evo 3D Sprint is going to launch the new 3D smartphone HTC 3D coming June 24 th 2011. It is 4G Wimax capable and screen size is 4.3 inches and has a 3D display. Sprint has marked its price for $199.99 with 2yrs contract Blog 7

White iphone 4 not thicker than black iphone 4:

White iphone 4 not thicker than black iphone 4 The rumor of iphone 4 white being thicker than iphone 4 black finally ended. According to the Apple SVP and consumer report they both are same size. No wonder why people pass out false information to the customer. Blog 8

Sony is slowly restoring PSN services:

Sony is slowly restoring PSN services Sony has slowly started to restore its Playstation Network Service which was shutdown due to major security breached for last couple of weeks. Sony reported in that security breach million of account has be compromised . Due to that security breach many of PSN users were unable to play online games. Blog 9

Western Union App for IOS devices:

Western Union App for IOS devices Western Union has announced an application for IOS devices. This application will allow user to send money to each other or any western union location. This app is first introduced to iOS user in united states Blog 10

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Amazon Kindle is a wireless e-book reading device. It is wifi and 3g capable that allow user to download book online over the kindle. The best thing I like about new Amazon Kindle is that the battery life can last up to 2 months in a single charge. Blog 11

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Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website that is localized to major markets in the United States. Groupon first market was Chicago followed by Boston, New York and counting. I also use groupon to get lots of deals. Recently I got AMC movie tickets for $1 only which worth $12. Blog 12

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