AR North America AR383 Power Washer Review


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AR North America AR383 Power Washer Review

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I did a lot of research on electric power washers and this brand seemed to have really good professional reviews. I chose this particular model because of the long power cord and the long high pressure hose. As extra bonuses you also get 1900 pounds of pressure and everything wraps up nice and neat on the unit. I used the power washer to clean a deck before refinishing it. It was powerful enough to remove almost all traces of dirt, grime, and algae that had made its home in the wood. There were a few spots where the algae was so deep, I had to scrub the area with a wire brush… I don’t believe any washer could have reasonably cleaned this area. Not even a sander got down deep enough. I know this thing penetrates, because it took the deck a full day to dry, as opposed to a few hours after a heavy rain. Compared to the typical residential gas power washer : 1) AR North America AR383 is easier to move around. Can easily pick up and carry. 2) Quieter…much quieter! 3) Attachments on AR383 are much easier to switch. 4) Easier to use overall…trigger is easier to handle, etc.

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Cons: The AR383 Power Washer it does leak at the filtered water inlet. I will just replace with brass connector and it should be fine. The gas powered one I was used to using always leaked at the water inlet too so I guess it didn’t bother me as much as other people who have written reviews. Overall, very good power washer for the money! Click Here to Read More Reviews on Amazon All accessories, electric cord and hose have their place right on the unit and they fit quiet nicely. How Much Should You Expect to Pay? Well don’t pay to much because Amazon has a great deal on AR North America AR383 Power Washer 165 U.S. Dollars this includes free shipping . Click Here

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