Burn- out - Six Tips on How to Fix the Problem

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Burn-Out Six Expert Tips on How to Fix the Problem :

Burn -Out Six Expert Tips on How to Fix the Problem

Are you running low on energy at work?:

Are you running low on energy at work ? You could be suffering from “burn-out”! Burn-out = primarily caused by stress; physical and emotional fatigue usually experienced at work due to poor working conditions or demanding situations.

You can avoid experiencing burn-outs.:

You can avoid experiencing burn -outs . Here are 6 Tips from ErgonomicsMadeEasy.com

Tip #1: Eliminate Guesswork.:

Tip #1: Eliminate Guesswork . Feeling of emotional or physical fatigue can be a symptom of serious ailment. Only a licensed medical professional should provide diagnosis. See your Doctor first.

Tip #2: Your health is determined by what’s on your plate.:

Tip #2: Your health is determined by what’s on your plate. Avoid junk foods like plague.

TIP #3: Get Regular Exercise:

TIP #3: Get Regular Exercise Exercise relieves stress that may trigger burn -out.

TIP #4: Unwind. Relax.:

TIP #4: Unwind . Relax. "It's not the hours you put in your work that count, it's work you put in the hours.“ - Sam Ewing Don’t work hard - work smart. Get a break. Take up a new hobby.

TIP #5: Go Ergonomics!:

TIP #5: Go Ergonomics ! er·go·nom·ics , noun science of making work comfortable by finding a “fit” between the worker and his tools.

Benefits of Ergonomics::

Benefits of Ergonomics : Protects the worker from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful disorder of the wrist or hand; Increases one’s productivity and efficiency at work; Cuts down length of time to finish job; Minimizes cost.

Avoid Burn-outs with Ergonomic Tools:

Avoid Burn -outs with Ergonomic Tools Working with ergonomic tools that fit your body type and demands of your work protect you from Repetitive Strain Injuries or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that may cost you your Job!

Why an Ergonomic Chair?:

Why an Ergonomic Chair? Ergonomic chair minimizes the risk of back pain with its built-in lumbar support. There is a plethora of ergonomic chairs to choose from, but choose one that is proportionate to your body size, weight and height for comfortable sitting position.

Ergonomic Keyboard :

Ergonomic Keyboard Left-handed ergonomic keyboards, split-keyboards, Industrial keyboards, etc… choose an ergonomic keyboard that suits the size of your hand, your typing preferences and needs, including the size of your budget.

Tip #6: LOVE your Job!:

Tip #6: LOVE your Job! “Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace…” -- Johnny Carson


Get more tips from: ErgonomicsMadeEasy.com

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