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NICE guideline heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) as ‘excessive menstrual blood loss which interferes with a woman’s physical, social, emotional and/or material quality of life.Visit a4medicine.co.uk/heavy-menstrual-bleeding/


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www.a4medicine.co.uk This website is for healthcare professionals only. It is intended to make information accessible simple to use and is fully referenced MEDICAL REFERENCE RESOURCE CLEAR AND CONCISE FLOWCHART

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WWW.A4MEDICINE.CO.UK A i m The objective is to cover a topic on one screen and streamline complex topics into easily comprehensible lucid sections. One topic is covered in one A4 sized page – A4 Medicine. When dealing with clinical situations we can sometimes have multiple sources of reliable information but accessing that is not always easy. This is where the A4Medicine project comes in to provide to the point practical reliable information which is quickly accessible. The guidelines are reviewed and presented as useful visuals which are concise easy to use and practical. About Us

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WWW.A4MEDICINE.CO.UK/WARFARIN-HIGH-INR/ W a r f a r i n - H i g h I N R High international normalised ratio INR - Consider aspects which may have caused INR to be out of range and level of INR Any medication change antibiotic amiodarone Missed dose or taken too much Any intercurrent illness gastroenteritis
fever onset of jaundice weight loss worsening renal function Excessive alcohol consumption herbal remedies OTC meds eg cranberry juice miconazole gel Smoking cessation can ↑ the effect of warfarin Cardiovascular

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