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Get summary of the Copd Management Nice, Copd Treatment Nice, Nice Copd, Nice Guidance Copd, Nice Guidelines Copd. This guideline covers diagnosing and managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in people aged 16 and older, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Visit:


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COPD-Management NICE - COPD Treatment Nice - A4medicine WWW.A4MEDICINE.CO.UK

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WWW.A4MEDICINE.CO.UK Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- a summary of NICE draft July 2018. Smoking cessation- Take and document hx of smoking
○ pack yrs smoked 
 ie No of cigs / D divided by 20 and multiplied by number of yrs smoked
 Advice to stop smoking at every opportunity – regardless of age and offer help to do so
 Consider issuing – unless contraindicated
○ nicotine replacement therapy
○ vareniciline or
○ bupropion 
appropriate support Programme for Behavioral support Visit: COPD Treatment Nice

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WWW.A4MEDICINE.CO.UK Inhaled therapy –Short acting beta2 agonists ( SABA ) and Short acting muscarinic antagonists ( SAMA ) as necessary as the initial treatment to relieve breathlessness and exercise limitation – as necessary . NICE advices against using a response to oral corticosteroid 
( oral corticosteroid reversibility tests ) to selaect patients for initiation of inhaled steroid therapy
 Be ready to discuss the risk of side effects 
( including pneumonia ) in people who take inhaled corticosteroids
( ICS ) for COPD ) Inhaled combination therapy- This refers to combinations of LAMA , LABA and ICS ie 
Long acting preparations as opposed to Short acting when initiating treatment
 LAMA is long acting muscarinic antagonists as
glycopyrronium , umeclidinium , aclidinium
 LABA is long acting beta2 agonists as
Indacaterol , formoterol , striverdi

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