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Get info on CKS diverticulitis, diverticular disease. Our chart helps to know CKS diverticulitis. Diverticula are herniations or small pouches in the mucosal lining of the colon, most commonly affecting the descending and sigmoid colon.


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CKS Diverticulitis: Diverticular Disease - A4medicine

Diverticular disease:

Diverticular disease


High international normalised ratio ( INR )- Consider aspects which may have caused INR to be out of range and level of INR Any medication change ? antibiotic , amiodarone Missed dose or taken too much ? Any intercurrent illness ? gastroenteritis fever , onset of jaundice , weight loss , ? worsening renal function Excessive alcohol consumption ? herbal remedies OTC meds eg cranberry juice , miconazole gel Smoking cessation ( can ↑ the effect of warfarin ) W A R F A R I N - H I G H I N R


Epistaxis ( nosebleeds ) is bleeding from the nasal cavity. Most common ENT emergency presentation in primary care Up to 60 % of the population will suffer from epistaxis atleast once in their lifetime E P I S T A X I S ( N O S E B L EE D S )

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