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Smoking cessation- Take and document hx of smoking
○ pack yrs smoked 
ie No of cigs / D divided by 20 and multiplied by number of yrs smoked
 Advice to stop smoking at every opportunity – regardless of age and offer help to do so
 Consider issuing – unless contraindicated
○ nicotine replacement therapy
○ vareniciline or
○ bupropion
appropriate support Programme for Behavioral support  Visit us:


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COPD-Management NICE




High international normalised ratio ( INR )- Consider aspects which may have caused INR to be out of range and level of INR Any medication change ? antibiotic , amiodarone Missed dose or taken too much ? Any intercurrent illness ? gastroenteritis fever , onset of jaundice , weight loss , ? worsening renal function Excessive alcohol consumption ? herbal remedies OTC meds eg cranberry juice , miconazole gel Smoking cessation ( can ↑ the effect of warfarin ) W A R F A R I N - H I G H I N R


Epistaxis ( nosebleeds ) is bleeding from the nasal cavity. Most common ENT emergency presentation in primary care Up to 60 % of the population will suffer from epistaxis atleast once in their lifetime E P I S T A X I S ( N O S E B L EE D S )

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