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Property Valuation, which done by property valuers and report should show is just the single sum or the rate of property determined by our professional property evaluator as compared to the proper market price of the property. We have many more valuation services available like Capital Gain Valuation, Visa Valuation, Gift Tax Valuation, Land and Building Valuation etc.


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Introduction Buying a property seems like another major expense but it is necessity of life and before any investment a person should value the property very well so that his investment should have some worth. Property valuation is an important part for applying a loan. A valuation is required when you borrow to buy refinance for property. For a successful property valuer it requires a lot of experience and regular observation of the real estate industry. People may get into trouble if they won’t update themselves regularly. So we would like to share some factors that may affect the property valuation in India. 1. Location of the property 2. Facilities of the property 3. Easy Connectivity 4. Infrastructure Development plans 5. Availability of vacant land www.a2zvaluers.com

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Our Services 1. Jewellery Valuation 2. Capital Valuation 3. Bank Guarantees 4. Visa Valuation 5. Land Valuation 6. Plant And Machinery Valuation 7. Insurance Valuation 8. Gift Valuation 9. Stamp Duty Valuation 10. Land And Building Valuation www.a2zvaluers.com

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1. Jewellery Valuation : Jewellery Valuation is one of the peculiar kinds of valuation that would easily not perform by every valuer available in the market. As valuation of jewellery is essentially used to know the exact global market value for your jewellery. 2. Capital Valuation : A2Z Valuer serves our wide experience with our clients nationally as well as globally. We assure you to provide real and authentic capital gain valuation services that will help in on international measures. We ensure you to provide the real and authentic capital gains that help in creating your business future more consistent and steady. Doing the valuation services our main motive to reducing the future risk in your business capital and to make healthier your business to get more profit with the proper use of capital gain valuation methodology. We are most trustworthy and reliable valuers. 3. Bank Guarantees : A2Z valuers is the adherent formation for the bank guarantee valuer valuation. We are the professional valuers who deal in the field corporate government non- government sector business or individuals. We ensure them all professional valuation services. We are trusted tax valuer. www.a2zvaluers.com

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4. Visa Valuation : Visa Valuation is the process of determining the current worth of an asset or company/property /flat. There are many techniques that can be used to determine value some are subjective and others are objective. With reference to you regarding the visa service for your valued clients to go various countries abroad. 5. Land Valuation : In most cases when a party lends/loan/advance money for the purchase of a property/flat/ interest the lender an organization or person that lends money will require a loan valuation. This is to ensure that the value of the asset meets the security and equity criteria of the loan contract. 6. Plant And Machinery Valuation : Machinery and plant valuation is the process of fetching the worth of the current machinery and plant of the factory. With the help of valuation experts we analyze the total worth of the whole factory machinery and equipment devices seem used for packing molding all the common as well as important things which are used in construction manufacturing in industry. www.a2zvaluers.com

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7. Insurance Valuation : Insurance is a medium of protecting yourself and your properties from the financial loss in critical conditions. Insurance valuers is team that evaluate your insurance policy after doing the insurance. You will do insurance valuation of your life your home or your business companies are always insured with different insurance companies because in the company there are many losses and unnatural happenings are occurs many times. 8. Gift Valuation : GIFT TAX is a tax on the transfer of property by one individual to another while receiving nothing or less than full value in return. You make a gift if you give property including money and Cash stocks and bonds mutual funds even houses and cars without expecting to receive something of at least equal/ identical/ equivalent value in return. 9. Stamp Duty Valuation : Stamp duty is the duty Done by stamp duty valuers of people which want to sell his property or buy any property in future or transfer his immovable property. On that movement they should follow the rules and regulation of his government which is commonly applicable on all the people who want to sell the property. www.a2zvaluers.com

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10. Land And Building Valuation : What is Land Valuation the value of a piece/parcel of property or land including both the value of the land itself as well as any improvements that have been made to it. Land and Building Method for Bungalows / Flats. Bungalows / Houses: In this case the cost of land and building are assessed separately and added to get the present value of the property Guide lines from Registrars Department Circle rates Price paid within a reasonable time in bonafied transactions of purchase of lands acquired. Demand locality characteristics like shape size and location of Roads and Parks. www.a2zvaluers.com

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Thank You… www.a2zvaluers.com

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