Try now these 15 Best Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Now a day’s its common to gain weight during holiday season and results in very diseases. Try these 15 ways to avoid holiday weight gain


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Try now these 15 Best Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

Try now these 15 Best Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Holiday season is all about celebrating and enjoying Bur wrong food habits can results in excessive weight gain. Here we are giving you best 15 Best Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Maintain a regular routine with proper sleep and exercise. According to one study if you start your day with exercise then it helps to remain active whole day. Do not give any excuse yourself because of holiday season. Keep a food diary and plan your meal for whole week. The start your day exactly what you planned to eat. It will help to stuck on your routine. Be picky about food what to have in your plate. If you want something to eat then have it in moderation. Learn to say no for your food habit if someone offering you. Make your will power strong and decline to your family and friends respectfully. Be positive always. Positive energy is needed to work on the ways to say no when needed. Eat protein like seafood, chicken, turkey, eggs, yogurt and low-fat cheeses instead of junk foods as it will help you to feel full Make habit of eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk and fast food. As these will not only help you to shed your extra pounds but also help to avoid ageing. Check your sugar before taking any holiday cake, cookies as it will results in various heart problems, cardiovascular diseases. If you are really craving then have in very small quantity. Cut back your diet soda. Watch your alcohol intake. Drinks lots of water whole day to be healthy and fit. Alternatively you can water rich food or salad in middle like green salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and avocado etc. Instead of simple tea you can grave peppermint tea or green tea. According to one research peppermint is good for stomach and gas problem. Eat slowly. The quicker we’ll eat, the less time our body will take to fell full. Get plenty of potassium rich food like bananas, papayas, kiwis, strawberries, and cantaloupe.  Avoid stress. Take a deep breath before eating. Eat small, healthy meal before celebrating any holiday party. It will help you to save your appetite too and to have balanced diet during party .

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