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A2N Academy, an acclaimed IT Institute, offers the most instructive Dot NET course in Bangalore. With versatile trainers, we offer progressive .NET courses. Our versatile trainers guide individuals to progress and work in top web designing companies with our .NET course online.


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Curriculum Batch Timings Bene몭 ts Reviews Internship Career Opportunities FAQs Bestsellers A2N Academy an acclaimed IT Institute o몭 ers the most instructive Dot NET course in Bangalore. With versatile trainers we o몭 er progressive .NET courses. Our versatile trainers guide individuals to progress and work in top web designing companies with our .NET course online. .Net Course Live Classes  Call / Whatsapp +91 9845366616  Home Courses .Net Course   Get a free Demo Class Live demo classes available with trainer Name Email Contact number City Submit 24x7 Available Whatsapp/Call: +91 9845366616 Dont Worry We dont spam you Quick Enquiry Login Sign up 

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Opportunities Course Duration 3 months Course fee Contact for price Placements 100 placement support Internship 2 Months IT Internship Details of .Net Course A2N Academy focuses on nurturing students on developing the .NET framework by a learning-by-doing approach. We aim for students to get familiarized with VB.NET ASP.NET C and Microsoft.NET technologies. Course Curriculum Every fundamental we teach and work will enhance your working on the .NET framework. Our Real-Time Projects will help you experience the current technology. And the dot net course content bene몭 ts beginners and also professionals who wish to learn more about the new technologies. Our .NET course online provides practical knowledge of developing .NET frameworks building modern web apps and services with .NET gaining corporate level exposure and building your pro몭 le. Our dot net course will help you understand the features and fundamentals of debugging .NET coding and the creation of Windows and web applications. Once you complete the dot net course our academy assists help you obtain a good-paying career. Requirements you need for a .NET course: Our dot net course is available to anyone who wishes to be an ASP.NET Web Developer or learn MS.NET Framework. Individuals with a basic understanding of C C++ Java HTML and JavaScript can take up the online course. It is acceptable if the student knows any database namely Oracle SQL Server MySQL. Other absolute bene몭 ts from  dot Net course:

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With our advanced .NET Course you are de몭 nitely on the right track to getting placed by some renowned IT companies. The most favorable factor of the dot Net course by our academy is that we train working professionals and individuals with a career shift. We are the answer to all your queries: Our certi몭 cation in .Net will open you a portal of opportunities to help you turn into a professional. Certi몭 ed .Net developers are paid better than non-certi몭 ed counterparts. The approximate annual salary of a certi몭 ed .NET developer is 7lacs rupees. Our professional trainers help you independently create .NET Real-world projects. By learning the advanced techniques and procedures we help you create Windows Forms Projects with Visual Studio. Our dot net course teaches you to create web-related projects with Visual Studio. Our .NET course covers explicit skills like visual studio integrated development environment ASP NET development NET procedures Visual Studio primer and WinForms. The dot net course will bene몭 t you as a community of 6 million developers and 1700 companies are already handing out to the .NET platform. With this online .Net course we help you learn application security Microsoft architected framework OOP using C.NET creating a web application using .NET working with POSTBACK consuming Libraries .dll and integrating IIS with ASP.NET. It provides you the corporate level exposure that you require before working in the IT Industry. It will help you attain an Industry- recognized course completion certi몭 cate. Our trainers help you to develop a website and web applications and also the development and consumption of WebService. .NET course will bene몭 t you as it avails application development in the object-oriented programming model and helps develop web applications windows applications and web services. You shall learn the many features that Visual Studio includes namely Intellitype code snippets IntelliSense and its factor of developing applications and increasing productivity of the developer. We will help you learn the development of applications in various tiered models with the .NET framework. The dot net course helps you interact with customers and intensify coordinated learning. .NET course certi몭 cation will bene몭 t your career as it is a framework in demand in the IT Industry. .NET framework is more powerful than

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the existing frameworks like PHP or Java that only take care of a single layer or one part of application development. Our online dot Net course also helps you in connecting with various job networks. Our Mock Tests and Interviews provided to students will help them build their con몭 dence. And once the .Net course is complete we provide you an opportunity to work as an intern at renowned IT companies for a better industrial experience. Our academy caters to the needs of each student. Our skilled trainers teach as per the requirements of freshers and working professionals. Above all we render assurance that our .NET course will help you work globally at top-tiered IT companies. Opportunities after the .Net course with salary range and job role With the increase in the development of Industry Standards the .NET framework has gained a high level of recognition. A2N Academy trains each student with the technical skills required to get recruited by top-positioned IT companies. .NET has grown rapidly in India and Abroad. After the completion of the course students with a .NET course completion certi몭 cate can work as: .NET Web Application Developer. Back-end developer Web developer MVC developer .Net developer Software engineer The average salary for an entry-level .NET Developer is 4.5lacs- 5.5lacs per annum and professional .NET Developers with years of experience earn an annual salary of 7.5lacs-8.5lacs. This may vary across industries depending on the job role skill nature of work city etc. Renowned IT Software companies across the globe are on the constant lookout for .NET developers. Stating a Disclaimer As the pandemic is increasing in and around us we persuade our students and trainers to prefer online courses.

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Topics Introduction to .NET Framework Architecture Evolution .NET Versions .NET Framework Components Visual Studio Versions Installation Components of IDE Features of Visual Studio IDE Creating Project Solution Using Visual Studio IDE and Shortcuts in IDE. .Net Architecture View more + Topics CLR CLS CTS Compilation process in .NET Assemblies Versioning .Net Framework View more + Topics Language Syntax Data Types Variables Operators Conditional Statements Looping Structures Garbage Collection and Finalization Exception Handling Importing namespace Create Console Application Using Convert String DateTime Arrays C View more +

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Topics Classes and Objects Abstract Classes and Interfaces Constructors and Destructors Structures Enumerations Boxing Unboxing Classes Objects View more + Topics Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Data Abstraction Abstract class Interface Exception Handling Properties and indexers Delegates Data Objects. OOPS View more + Topics Namespace Nested Namespace Delegates Events Properties Indexer Indexer Overload Errors and Exceptions Namespace View more + Arrays Collections Generics View more +

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Topics Single Dimension Array Multi Dimension Array Collections Generic Collections Topics Working with Directories and Files Read and write 몭 le File I/O and Streams View more + Topics Application Domain MarshalByRef Object Type of Remoting Re몭 ection View more + Topics Introduction DML DDL Functions Jins Views Functions Stored Procedure Triggers Cursors SQL Server View more + Topics Overview of ADO.NET Connected vs Disconnected Architecture ADO.NET Working with Database View more +

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Data Connection Object Data Command Object Data Adapter Object Data Readers Data Sets Data Adapters Structure of Dataset Execute Non-Query Execute Reader Execute Scalar CRUD operations using Connection Oriented Model with SqlCommand and SqlDataReader Navigation of data in data objects using Disconnection oriented model with Sql DataAdapter DataSet DataTable Topics Introduction to Web Programming Client / Server Technology Understanding Web Server IIS ASP.NET 4.0 View more + Topics Global.asax Web.con몭 g Intrinsic Objects in ASP.Net Page Life Cycle View more + Topics Web Control Class Creating Web Forms Application Handling Images Web Form View more +

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Navigating between pages Managing Server Controls Server Control Events Using HTML Controls Using Data Controls Repeater Control Topics ASP.Net validation controls Con몭 guring validation controls Validation Controls View more + Topics Preserving State in Web Applications Using Cookies to Preserve State ASP.NET Session State Application State State Management View more + Topics Web Server Control Available Web Sever controls Using regular controls like label texbox ListControl RadioButtonList CheckBoxList DropDownList BulletedList ListBox Validation of input using validation controls. Web Server Control View more +

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Topics Creating User Controls Interacting with User Controls Loading User Controls Dynamically User Controls View more + Topics Simple Master Page Nested Master Page Con몭 guring Master Page Creating Themes Applying Themes Applying Stylesheet Master Pages Themes View more + Topics Using FileUpload Control Setting the location and 몭 lename to upload the 몭 les Uploading Files View more + Topics Protocols for Email Sending Mails Managing Attachments Handling Emails View more + Topics State Management AJAX View more +

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Introduction to State Management Techniques ViewState QueryString Session Cookie Application and Cache Ajax introduction and Architecture Ajax extension controls Demo Example Task. Topics Introduction to Security Security in ASP.NET Authentication Anonymous Authentication Windows Authentication Forms Authentication Authorization Securing a page and folders Introduction to XML Web services Creating Web Service Setting the Web Service Attribute Test and Run Your Web Service Consuming a Web Service in Client Application Consuming a Third Party Web service Security and ASP.NET Web Services View more + Topics Publishing Web Applications. Create a Web Setup Project. Deployment View more + Download Our Course Syllabus

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Batch Timings Start here and choose the one that is the best for you. Student discounts available Call or Whatsapp : +91 9845366616 or Contact us Note All the Timing are in IST for International Student Timing may varry contact us for more details NO BATCHES ARE FOUND. BATCH STARTING Course Price at ₹25000 ₹ 30000 17 OFF Enroll Now Duration Course Bene몭 ts A2N Academy renders .NET course that meets the current industrial standards. The technical skills that we holistically develop our students with are through Real-Time projects and Live Classes. The bene몭 ts of our .Net Course includes: Real-Time Projects We strive to improve and enhance your knowledge in .NET by working on live projects. Live Instructor-led training With Java training from Industrial Experts we provide detailed intriguing and informative learning. Free Internship Opportunities The internship programs will help you sophisticate and alter the working of Placement Guidance We lead you by organizing Mock tests and direct you to get placed in renowned IT

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the IT Industry. companies after .net course. Mock Interviews and Resume Building Intending to crack any di몭 cult interview we formulate mock interviews and help you prepare a quality-based resume during .Net course. Flexible schedule We schedule the .Net course at your convenience and provide you a professional development experience Build your professional network Our online .Net course will help you connect with acclaimed industry professionals prevailing in a widened outreach. Certi몭 cation and Recommendation letter After completing the .net course we hand over a recognized course completion certi몭 cate and a recommendation letter. Student Reviews We are extremely proud of our students who are placed in reputed 몭 rms. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.  

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LIKED OUR STUDENT REVIEWS Join with us and step into IT Industries Contact Us Industrial Internship CAREER OPPORTUNITY A2N Academy renders the opportunity to experience in practice- based learning and formulate you through diverse internship opportunities in .dot net courses before you step into the corporate world Get two months of an internship program Test and restore your capabilities in working on .NET Inculcate practical learning with IT experts. Start With Free Career Counselling

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FAQs It takes a minimum of 3 months to complete the .NET online course. What is the duration of this online .NET course + The average salary for an entry-level .NET Developer is 4.5lacs-5.5lacs per annum and professional .NET Developers with years of experience earn an annual package of 7.5lacs-8.5lacs. The payroll di몭 ers globally and depends on factors like industry city experience role etc. What is the average salary received by .NET Developers after completing the dot net course + After completion of the .NET Course online various IT companies o몭 er roles of: .NET Web Application Developer. Back-end developer Web developer MVC developer .Net developer Software engineer What are the job roles o몭 ered after completing the .NET course online + Anyone who wishes to be an ASP.NET Web Developer or learn MS.NET Framework can take up this course. And individuals with a basic understanding of C C++ Java HTML and JavaScript can also take up the online course. Who can take up the .NET Course +

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Yes we provide a free demo class from our professional trainers. Once convinced with the demo class you can proceed with the enrollment process for the course. Is a demo class available for the dot net course before the enrollment + No there are no such requirements for this online course. Are there any prerequisites for the .NET course + Yes we provide a course completion certi몭 cate after you complete the .NET Online Course with us. Do you provide any certi몭 cation for the dot NET course online + Yes we provide course material to each enrolled student. Is there any course material provided for the .NET course + Yes we provide 100 placement assistance after the completion of the .NET online course. Is there any placement assistance after completing the dot NET course online + Yes you can join this course as we train our students right from scratch. As a person with a non-IT background could I still join the .NET course +

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Do you have any other query Submit Your Query Course Certi몭 cation Our academy encourages you to work on Real-Time projects and assignments considered highly signi몭 cant in the corporate world. We provide distinctive learning to enhance your knowledge of the .Net course concepts. Our professional IT trainers provide conceptual and practical .NET Programming sessions. After completing this course we award our students with a course completion certi몭 cate and a recommendation letter. The certi몭 cate will intensify your resume value and enable you to obtain jobs in reputed 몭 rms for decent pay. But students will receive the course completion certi몭 cate only after completing the assignments and the Real-Time projects accepted by Industrial Specialists. Our E-certi몭 cate provides a unique ID that allows you to share this certi몭 cate across various professional websites to promote your technical skills. Get More Detail About Course

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Be future ready. Start Learning Structure your learning and get a certi몭 cate to prove it Enter your phone number Enter your contact number 9 1 Email Enter your email address Enroll Now

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will help you to g... Learn More 01 Contact Interact with our career counselors today and gain information on the scope bene몭 ts professional guidance placement support services and many more details of our .NET Course. 02 Demo Enroll in our academy with the help of our Career Counselors and schedule a free demo class today 03 Batch Assign We render 몭 exible schedules for our students. So pick a suitable time and batch according to your convenience and let us begin this learning process today. 04 Portal Access Gain access to our student portal by logging in with the provided credentials and learn more about the .net course and batches. 05 Test Series

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Test Series With the availability of mock tests and interviews build your technical and pro몭 cient skills. 06 Live Projects Acquire hands-on experience with our online .NET course by working on Real-Time Projects. 07 Internship Improve your practical knowledge and obtain standard corporate exposure by interning in reputed IT 몭 rms for approximately two months after .net course. 08 Get Job opportunities Once you complete the .net course utilize free assistance and support from our dedicated placement o몭 cers to secure a job with decent pay in renowned 몭 rms. 09 You are placed With the quality opportunities ahead get placed in some of the top renowned IT companies for an ideal salary package after .net course. Contact For Free Demo Trending Courses Website designing course React JS Course

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