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Zylog and CareerBuilder presentation at the National Job Fair and Training Expo. Expert advice on polishing your resume to successfully get noticed in Applicant Tracking Systems and resume screening software. Get noticed and get to the interview with expert advice from TalentFlow ATS


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Tips to Maximize Results How to Get Your Resume Noticed Tips From the Experts Why Don’t They Call ME?

Why Don’t They Call Me?:

Why Don’t They Call Me? Just getting started or actively looking: Are you getting called when you apply? Are you getting interviews? Will you get paid what you are worth? Do you know how and where to look? 2

Create Your Personal Portfolio:

Create Your Personal Portfolio Certificates Diploma Education and Training Letters of Recommendation Awards and Accolades Document Online Referrals Goals and Quotas met or exceeded Collect your Achievements Dates Milestones Metrics / Numbers / Quotas Locations Titles and Organizations Organize your Highlights 3

Use a Common Modern Resume Template:

Use a Common Modern Resume Template Many common templates can be uploaded and imported online Use Text only. Do not use pictures, images, or watermarks If you want to stand out from the crowd, do it with your content Standard formats are easier for hiring managers to review Select a Standard Format 4

Chronological Resume: Start at Your Beginning:

Chronological Resume: Start at Your Beginning Start with your Education Add Personal Achievements, Awards, and Certifications Follow your career path and experience Include Title, Company, Start and End Dates Work your way to TODAY Your Beginning is at the End of Your Resume Use accurate dates Are there gaps or overlap? Can you explain them? Does your experience tell a story of personal progress? Tell Your Story 5

Chronological Resume: Punctuate with Highlights from Portfolio:

Chronological Resume: Punctuate with Highlights from Portfolio Refer to portfolio of accomplishments Quote specific metrics or milestones Include specific details, percentages, revenues, quotas, etc Example: Exceeded quota of $2M by 50% in six months Be specific with your terminology Oracle, ITIL, Java Developer List Your Achievements 6

Then – Look for the Job You Want!:

7 Then – Look for the Job You Want!

Then – Look for the Job You Want!:

8 Then – Look for the Job You Want!

Then – Look for Keywords and Requirements:

9 Then – Look for Keywords and Requirements Imagine the Job Posting as a “Problem” and your Resume is the “Solution” Review Job Postings to see what Skills, Qualifications and Keywords are listed on the Job Posting If you have these skills, they should be in your Resume

Then – Look for Keywords and Requirements:

10 Then – Look for Keywords and Requirements Job Titles Job Descriptions Required Skills Required Experience KEYWORDS Make note of how Jobs are listed to use the same terms in your resume

Mirror Keywords on your Resume:

Mirror Keywords on your Resume Educational Experience and Degrees Years of Experience (per location and overall accumulated) Certifications or Training Check Previous Job Titles or Job Descriptions Make sure that you list the skills that employers are looking for! Make sure that key words are on your resume 11

Introductory Paragraph with Action Words:

Introductory Paragraph with Action Words The introduction is the place to show your personality. Use Action Words to convey activities. “Accomplish . . .” “Achieved . . .” “Developed . . .” “Designed . . .” Craft your Introduction with Action Words & Keywords 12

Include your Contact Information:

Include your Contact Information Don’t play Hide and Seek You worked too hard to prepare the perfect resume, so put your contact information on every page Make sure that you include contact information 13

Polish it up:

Polish it up Resumes can get discarded due to poor quality grammar or spelling Spell Check Check for Grammar Check Dates Check for consistent punctuation Check your Keywords Add some Spice / interesting facts Check, Double Check, Triple Check, Spell Check 14

Create a Targeted Resume:

Create a Targeted Resume You may need to adjust keywords and descriptions in your resume to match the keywords on the posted Job. Be honest about your experience. Adjust the wording if necessary Did you find a Posted Job that you really want? 15

Ask for References and Recommendations:

Ask for References and Recommendations Request a letter of recommendation from employers Request an online recommendation in social media Ask your friends for referrals Don’t be embarrassed to ask, most people are glad to be asked Ask for References and Referrals 16

Create Your Elevator Pitch:

Create Your Elevator Pitch Start with a single sentence describing what you do better than anyone else Add your best selling points as an employee – your best talents, skill, or outstanding achievements Have examples or referrals of anyone who may be connected to the work you seek 17

Top Resume Mistakes:

18 Top Resume Mistakes Running too short or too long Two Pages is Perfect Highlighting Duties instead of Accomplishments Missing Details (Numbers, Dates, Titles, Achievements) Does not address the Job Description, Skills or Requirements Missing Key Words (using acronyms that do not match posting)

Get a Pro to Review your Resume:

Get a Pro to Review your Resume Ask a Professional Recruiter to review your resume with you. Zylog Professional Recruiters review hundreds of resumes to help match Top Talent to Top Jobs Let an expert help polish your resume to match your desired career or contract Would you like a little extra expert advice? 19

Review before every Interview:

Review before every Interview Have your dates, highlights, examples, education, and history fresh in your mind before you go for the interview Bring a copy of your resume to the interview for the convenience of the hiring manager Bring copies of Certificates, Awards, Letters of Recommendation, etc Remember to review your resume before every interview 20


Checklist Create your Portfolio of Achievements Use a Common Template Tell your History from Education to Current Punctuate Highlights and Achievements with metrics and milestones Search Job Postings for Keywords Put keywords and action words in your resume Add an introduction that shows your personality Include your Contact Information on every page Check, double check, triple check, and spell check Create targeted resumes for individual job keywords when necessary Ask for references, recommendations, and referrals Ask a Professional at Zylog to Review your Resume with you Bring a copy of your resume to every interview Update your profile on (Social Media just got Smarter) Quick Resume Checklist 21

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