Myths about SEO that are still being believed


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This presentation tells about the myths and misconception that are believed on the field of SEO which must be turned down and ignored.


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Myths About SEO That Are Still Believed:

Myths About SEO That Are Still Believed


Introduction In today’s world of online marketing, misconception and rumors takes a vital part. Gone are the things which you think you know about Search Engine Optimization! A few years ago those would have been true but now it has changed a lot. Following are few myths you need to know in order to get smarter about SEO.

Meta Description helps your Ranking:

Meta Description helps your Ranking It might have been true but it no longer persists. Google does not index meta tags anymore. But don’t ignore it completely. Meta tags forms the text which is displayed along with your link in search results. So, a good and simple description will produce compelling visitors to click on your website.

More the Inbound links, better the Ranking:

More the Inbound links, better the Ranking It is absolutely false. Google’s a lgorithmic updates describes only about quality links rather than bulk quantity. Huge links may look spammy and make your site penalized. Get high quality links from sites that relates to your service or product by producing relevant content.

Page Rank still Matters:

Page Rank still Matters In the previous years it was a dominating factor that drags experts attention. Bigger the page rank out of 10, higher is the website ranking in search engine. But those myths have been erased. Now, only the relevance and the context matters. Don’t solely believe on page rank since it is not updated regularly by the search engine.

Search Engines prefer Keyword-rich Domain:

Search Engines prefer Keyword-rich Domain O ver the past years, search engine put emphasis on keywords in the domain name. But now it is no more says Google. If any other site related to your domain name keyword has more relevant content and higher authority, then it will rank probably first.

Website should be ‘submitted’ to Search Engine:

Website should be ‘submitted’ to Search Engine It was a case before in the past. But now, not at all. Now at this point the essential thing is a good connection from other site to yours will able to make your site quickly discoverable. It is important to get indexed to achieve high rank but the initial submission of site is no longer helpful.

Good SEO is basically about Doing Tricks:

Good SEO is basically about Doing Tricks It is definitely not true! Although there are few SEO companies that are trying to trick search engine, it is absolutely a wrong way that will end up with penalty. The best SEO company always create relevant and informative website that are loved by search engine as well as the visitors. Encouraging and sharable content are always Google friendly.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts Never go for black-hat techniques such as buying bulk links. Always obey search engine guidelines to survive in this competitive world. Insist only on organic techniques and a gradual growth. This is what exactly search engine looks for to reward a site with higher ranking.

The End:

The End These are the myths I have come across which I intended to share with you. Stay optimized! Be optimistic! And finally I would like to thank you for spending your valuable time on reading my thoughts. Happy SEOing !!

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