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From the sky-rocketing mountains to golden sands, East Europe unveils a drapery of offbeat culture blended with rough edges, always ready to instigate your curiosity and intrigue your sense of admiration which could transport you into some fashionaTravelble fantasy. Anubhav Vacations Eastern Europe tour packages are designed to entertain you on this beautiful continent. Loaded with sandy beaches, rough mountain ranges and vast plain spreading across the miles, East Europe has everything that you want on your tour. Get amazed by the Transylvanian’s crisscrossing mountain range which roars down Poland–Slovakia border. Experience the majesty of this range with Package holidays to Poland. This special package is tailor-made to fit your budget. Eastern Europe the center of Orthodox Christianity has ample of folklore and festivals to entertain you throughout your journey. Our East Europe Tour Packages will take through the legacy and history of the folk culture.


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Europe on its popular side and have just tasted the western culture there, will find the environment on eastern side very different. Famous for its culture and exciting history, travelling to East Europe will count as a much more thrilling experience as compared to the west. Why Eastern Europe is Different? Starting from East Germany towards Slovenia, passing through Hungary and Poland, the tall buildings and everything man made becomes a blur and natural beauty captures your mind and soul.


  Tour to East Europe East Europe consists of Sky-rocketing mountains to golden sands. It unveils a drapery of offbeat culture blended with rough edges,always ready to instigate your curiosity and intrigue your sense of admiration which could transport you into some fashionable Travel fantasy.


A Few Points about Sightseeing Since most of the Countries in this part of Europe are very medieval; the Feeling while roaming in the Big Cities is somewhat similar. We try and create Variety in the sights so that Castles, Museums, and Cathedrals no matter how pretty shouldn’t be repetitive. We also believe that the real Beauty lies in the Countryside and therefore our stays in Lake Bohinj , Slovenia, Istria in Croatia and the stay in Zakopane in Poland appeals to our People and remains with them for a long time.


 Eastern Europe Holiday Packages are curated to give a mixed experience of culture, modernity, natural beauty and fashion In simple words, it as explosive vacation package to gift your family. It is time to get indulge in some awe-inspiring and heart throbbing activities in Europe, get ready for a beautiful time with us. We take pride in our expertise and experience, for the last three decades, we have been traveling around the world We find East Europe is something way ahead of other destinations as far as diversity is concerned, book our  Eastern Europe Tours  from India and fly to the fun land. Tour with Anubhav Vacations


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