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Direct-to-Home Solar Zolt Energy

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Electricity - Both Consumption Cost Are Up Rs. 5/kWh Tariff Consumption Monthly Electricity Bill 2006 300kWh Rs. 1500 X Rs. 10/kWh 2016 750kWh Rs. 7500 X 2X 2.5X 5X • 2006 to 2016 - Lifestyle improvement associated consumption increase has primarily been driven by higher air-conditioner usage. • 2016 to 2026 - Oil Radiator Room Heaters gaining foothold in the middle- class homes means even the winter consumption is on an upswing.

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Making Solar Financially Viable And Even The Policy Framework Is Ready States with firm Solar Net Metering Policies States with Draft Solar Net Metering Policies • 500MW Solar Project in Rajasthan Bid at Rs. 4.34/kWh • Power Purchase Agreements Available at Rs. 6+/kWh for plants with sizes as low as 100kW. • Net-Metering Policies remove wastage from the ecosystem by providing a power-banking facility with the local power distribution company. • Proven technology already under widespread implementation in the West US UK Germany How Net-Metering Works

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Yet Willing Customers Are Not Able To Go Solar High Initial Investment Returns Unclear On Technology Too Risky Uncertain Government Benefits Operation And Maintenance Lack of Roof Space Differential Pricing cantgosolar

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• Solar Energy is currently considered unviable for the Residential Market – by majority of the industry. • The existing purchase experience fails to allay most of customer’s fears around making a bad decision. Even if viable solar energy is currently un-sellable for the residential customers. LED TVs SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS CARS Typical Price Range INR 25000 - 50000 INR 80000 - 200000 INR 300000 - 600000 Easy Financing Pricing Transparency Product Demo Comparable Specifications Review Ratings Good Service Support The Problem

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Our Solution • Sell at a price that makes solar viable to the customer. • Systems equipped with Online Monitoring even at the lowest sizes. • Extensive customer education. • Facilitating all approvals at no cost even before they have purchased. • Easy EMI options. • And more importantly PowerPlans available – Buy the power as low as Rs. 750 per month 10 year power purchase agreement 90-Days Money Back Guarantee 10-Year Free Maintenance Hassle-Free Relocation

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Zolt Features 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Raised Roof Structures to Save Roof Space 10 Years Free Maintenance Default Online Remote Monitoring

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Our Approach Step 1: Providing All Relevant Information Step 2 : Identifying Requirements and Proposing the Right Product Step 3 : Getting Net-Metering Approvals Step 4: Installation Step 5 : Monitoring Maintenance

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The Typical Solar Early Adopter Demographics PainPoints Motivation 35+ Years Professional High Power Tariffs Cost Control Married Has Children Environmental Concerns Reducing Carbon Footprint Earns Rs. 10 Lakhs plus per annum House-owner Excited to Not Feel Guilty About Living Comfortably. Lives in Tier-1 City Rs. 5000+ Electricity Bill

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Example - Dr. Atul Doctor 56 Years Old Saket Delhi Environmentally Conscious Willing but had a roof space constraint Rs. 10000+ Monthly Electricity Bill Needed a 5kW System Needed a Raised Roof Structure Most Roof Still Usable Post Installation

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Benefits of a 3kW System Over 25 Years Rs. 250000 Upfront | Rs. 20833 x 12 on Easy EMI | Rs. 100 per day on PowerPlan

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The Clean Dot Legend Operational Under-process And It Is Working • 50kW 11 systems in 50 days • Another 170kW under execution. • All capabilities in-house translate to high quality execution. • Already getting referral orders. • Average Customer Rating of 4.5 on 5. • Average savings for customers Rs. 15000 per KW per month.

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Purchase Options - 3 KW Example Downpayment Short Term Finance Medium Term Finance Long Term Finance Cost Rs. 250000 Rs. 250000 Rs. 250000 Rs. 250000 Financing Term None 1 year 5 years 10 years Interest Rate NA 0 10 NA Monthly approximate installment NA Rs. 20833 Rs. 5000 Rs. 3000 Financing By NA Bajaj Finserv Reliance Capital Zolt Energy

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Team Zolt ABHISHEK DABAS B. Tech – IIT Delhi MBA – IIM Calcutta Reliance Infrastructure Ashok Leyland Halcrow Consulting HARSHA YADAV B.E. – Madras University MBA – IFMR Chennai EfficientCarbon Infosys Godrej Boyce Mfg. A small self-managed team of 21 working across Delhi Hyderabad Pune. FOUNDERS

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Supported By Advisors Pranay Gupta Co-Founder 91Springboard B.Tech – IIT Delhi MBA – IIM Ahmedabad Angel Investors Dept. of Science Technology Seed funding from JSSATE STEP Noida as part of DST Incubation Funding. Seed Funding Jyotirmoy Bose Founder CEO WhiteSpace Consulting B.Tech – IIT Delhi MBA – IIM Calcutta 6 Angel Investors helping Zolt with their strategic operational and technology expertise.

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Thank You For More Details Contact : Abhishek Dabas +91 9650930649

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