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Research into costume:

Research into costume Zoe Essa m

The cult:

The cult Ku Klux Klan Eyes Wide Shut We have taken inspiration from cults such as the Ku Klux Klan, not what they did, but what they decided to wear as a group. The whole cult wore the same white sheets to unitise themselves and to hide identities. We would want our cult to have their identities hidden by costume and in the film Eyes Wide Shut, they also all wear the same costume, but this is more of the stereotypical cult costume I feel and I would like to use this costume as then the audience get a real instant feel of the cult vibe. Although, in Eyes Wide shut they also wear masks, the cult in our film would not wear masks as we feel they would be unnecessary to the film. Although, we may approach the costume in more of a modern way to give the 21 st century feel to the film.

The main character:

The main character At the start, the victim will be dressed casually to show she is a normal person and to show her vulnerability. Her clothing will be quite brightly coloured as then the contrast to later in the film when she is adopted into the cult we see the dramatic change in her costume and personality. This will coincide with each other and enforce the idea she has almost been brainwashed by the cult. Her costume later on will the black cloak and dark clothing underneath with subtle hints of maroon or red-type colours to connote danger, blood and death.

The victim of the killing:

The victim of the killing The victim of the killing by the lead character, will wear formal clothing. He is wearing formal wear because he works for the government, but has leaked information the cult member has confidentially told him. The clothing will be a two piece suit which establishes his authority in the working world. The character will wear a tie and smart shoes to represent himself as professional. Making the character wear smart clothing will give the film more emotional power because this character obviously had a good job and wasn’t just someone everyone would forget about because he is important in the role he does.

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