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Harper Adams – Food Preservation:

Harper Adams – Food Preservation Zachary Cocker

What I do at Morrison's:

What I do at Morrison's At present I work in Hilmore House which is Morrison ’ s Head Office in Bradford, Yorkshire. I currently work in the Fresh Format team which deal with store renovations. Fresh Format introduces a number of new enhancements to Morrison ’ s including misting tables for our Produce as well as a general upgrade of the stores image. The picture to the right shows the new style Produce arrangement at a Fresh Format Morrisons Store. Morrisons – Fresh Format Producing Misting Arrangement. Source: Internal Morrison's Photograph.

What I learnt at Harper Adams:

What I learnt at Harper Adams Food Preservation – Refrigeration, Freezing, Packaging Quality Assurance Food Spoilage Allergens Organoleptic Intrinsic & Extrinsic Properties Supply Chain

How I can apply my Learning to the Workplace.:

How I can apply my Learning to the Workplace. Food Preservation – Learning about the different types of preservation has allowed me to understand why as a company Morrison ’ s replaces the stores refrigeration units after specific periods. Although the rest of the topics don ’ t directly impact on my role within Morrison ’ s they have allowed me to understand some of the areas other departments have to look after. My learning will help me in the future should I ever go into a role looking at food such as buying and has given me a deeper understanding of the issues Morrison ’ s has to consider.

Thanks for Watching my Presentation:

Thanks for Watching my Presentation

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