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SPORTS ALGEBRA Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education North Carolina State University Nancy Smith Michelle Longest


History Materials developed by Nancy Smith for Girls on Track 1999 Summer Camp




Purpose The purpose of Sports Algebra is: To show students how algebra is used in sports (help them make connections) To provide a fun way for students to practice and master algebra concepts

What is your role?: 

What is your role? Think about the logistics of each game with 45 girls Become familiar with each game so that you could lead it if you had to HAVE FUN!!




STATISTICS Goals Against – how many goals the goalie lets go into the net Goals Against Average: Name Games Played In Goals Against Cindy Lou 21 4 GAA (number of goals per game)

Consider the Following Situation:: 

Consider the Following Situation: Cindy Lou: Starting Goalie - 21 Games Played In - 4 Goals Against Sally Sue: Back-up Goalie - 13 Games Played In - 2 Goals Against

Goals Against Average: 

Goals Against Average Is is fair that Cindy Lou has a higher GAA than Sally Sue? How can things be 'evened' out? - Calculations using total minutes - Total minutes in a game (90)

Calculating GAA: 

Calculating GAA Calculate Total games played: Total minutes played Total minutes in one game Use Total games played to calculate GAA: Goals Against Total games played

How to Play: 

How to Play Goal set up outside or inside Round 1: take turns in goal Round 2: each person has two minutes in goal All others form a line and take shots at the goal one at a time Goalie must try to defend goal After two minutes, the goalie switches Goalie changes until everyone has been in the goal at least once Round 3: each person gets a number; if number is called, jump into goal

Final Results: 

Final Results At the end of the allotted time, each person must calculate his or her GAA Two minutes represents a total game

Sports Algebra : 

Sports Algebra Basketball


Math Content Converting Ratios to Equivalent Fractions to Percents Predictions based on Ratios and Percents


Basketball Stats for the Charlotte Sting


Set-up Place empty trashcans around the room Put a piece of tape on the floor at least 5 feet from the trashcan Groups of 5 or 6


Directions Both teams will play two halves and an overtime Keep track of the shots that your team makes during each half by COUNTING OUT LOUD


First Half Take 10 shots as a team After 10 shots have been taken, calculate the ratio of shots made to shots taken Use the ratio to calculate the team’s shooting percentage Record team results on the overhead


Second Half Use results from First Half to predict how many shots your team will make out of 15 Shoot 15 shots, record team ratio and shooting percentage Record team results on the flip chart


Calculate team results for the entire game (both halves combined; 25 total shots taken) Using the stats calculated from the entire game, predict how many shots your team will make out of 7 Shoot 7 baskets and record your team’s results Overtime


Extensions/Resources Water Balloon Volleyball Water Balloon Toss (graphing equations) Other types of balls Connections (ex: NCAA Tournament andamp; stats) Technology Newspaper (sports)


Questions Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education North Carolina State University (919) 515-2013 http://ontrack.ncsu.edu email: mplonges@unity.ncsu.edu

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