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ZilicusPM is one of the best online project management software that keeps everyone informed of project schedule, project status, pending activities & way to update those. It establishes the best platform to engage stakeholders for clear and transparent project communication and effective project management.


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What Can You Expect When You Start Managing Project Stakeholders Expectations Well?

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Increased transparency means trust factor going up Clear communication means healthy relationship All in all, you should have satisfied customers. Increased reliability on/of project team Project delivery becomes outcome of a process than entirely people dependent

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The easiest way to manage such expectation is by start using right project management software .

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Can ZilicusPM help? Yes, absolutely.

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ZilicusPM is an online project management software that enables everyone easily access their project activities anytime from anywhere.

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ZilicusPM makes project communication nearly real time – all project timeline, progress/status updates.

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ZilicusPM help you manage project stakeholder expectations.

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ZilicusPM is complete online project management software that provides a common platform for all project stakeholders to access and update project timeline, issues, risks, budget, cost, expense, meetings, documents, timesheet, and much more.

Benefits of Zilicus Project Management:

Benefits of Zilicus Project Management Fast, Intuitive , high on usability Work beyond boundaries Project Health at a glance Collaborate with team Centralized place Reduce cost - No hardware, installation Save time - Get started quickly

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Data security and reliability Add-on work package: Issue Tracking, Risk Tracking & Timesheet Real time update on project Involve everyone, not just exclusivity of project manager Seamless Integration Integrate with MS Projects, Google Docs, Google Calendar*

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Sign up for 30-days free trial of project management software ZilicusPM

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