Outbound Training at Camp Redstone

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Zice Holidays -A Premier Destination Management Company, Organizes an Outbound Training Camp at Zice camp Redstone. Various activities includes Trust Fall, Human Colors, Human Ladders, Calci, Hoopla Possible and Australian Trolley. Zice Holidays - Your Offbeat . Adventure and Learning Partner. To plan your own adventure contact us at: www.ziceholidays.com.


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Out Bound Training at Camp redstone Team Colors:   Team formation, Team Identity, Role allocation, Team Slogan or war cry (sometimes team’s anthem!)

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Trust Fall   This Activity requires participants to over the fear of free fall and water (for some).   Seemingly easy task (when you plan mentally) gives people thrills as they learn to overcome these fears with others support and trust.

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Calci:   The game of Calci is based on Team Efficiency. This is a high energy game where the teams get to compete against time. They also get a chance to bench mark and learn from other teams. Understanding roles of fellow team members also get covered effectively.

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Human Ladders   This activity involves participation by each member of the team. All the members of the team need to form Human Ladders using Bamboos given to them.

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Hoopla Possible   Covers the aspect of control and contribute. The objective is to get the hoopla down.

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The Australian Trolley   An exciting variation from the traditional board walk, this activity requires team members to coordinate well to achieve the necessary result in least possible time.   Two or more teams can also be made to compete in a race against each other.

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Plan Your Experience OFFBEAT . ADVENTURE . LEARNING www.ziceholidays.com contact@ziceholidays.com

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