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How to delete a Gmail account is very easy. Delete Gmail account is not a difficult task. In this video, I will guide you how to delete Google account. Step by step guide to show you to delete your Gmail Account. Deleting your Google account may be a must choice for you. But with this decision, you lose all Google services linked with that Gmail account like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Play, and YouTube etc. All your data saved to Google servers will be deleted. You can’t use your username ( in the future. All your emails, contents will be gone forever. You can’t recover your data again in the future if you have finally decided to delete your Gmail account permanently. All internet geeks must interact with Google and its products and services on internet at some occasion. In order to avail Google services, there is a need to create a Gmail account. At some point, you may create Gmail account for some purpose and no longer use it. It is possible that you may create multiple accounts with Google and want to retain only one account at Google. Whatever reasons to delete Gmail account, Google gives you option to close Gmail account permanently.It is not difficult to cancel Gmail account; Google gives you pretty easy procedure to remove Gmail account. In this tech guide, I will explain you how to delete a Gmail account step by step


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How To Delete A Gmail Account How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently – Best Guide How To Delete A Gmail Account: Step by Step First of all open your Gmail account by entering your account information to Click on top right corner of your profile photo if you set your profile photo. In the drop down menu select “My Account” button. My Account dashboard will appear which contain all settings tools and Google services related to your account. You can also open “My Account” dashboard by directly opening and enter your Gmail information. My account dashboard gives you a lot of access to your Gmail account. You can explore them all for your purpose. Click on “Delete your account or services” at the bottom of “Account preferences” right side. In the next window “delete your account or services” will display. Select delete Google account and data. You have to enter your password for your account. Before deleting your account finally Google will inform you that you can’t undo this action. Simply click on delete my Gmail account and your Gmail account will be deleted.

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By following above steps you will learn how to delete a Gmail account. It is possible that Google will send a confirmation email to your alternate email address provided in your Gmail account to confirm it. Simply open your alternate email address to confirm this action. In this guide I have explained you how to delete a Gmail account permanently. If you find this article useful please give your comments below to provide feedback and updates. Follow us on Twitter add us to your circle on Google+ like our Facebook Page and subscribe on Youtube Channel to get updates from Tech Online Guide.

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