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Growing Sustainable Businesses Macedonia 27 June 2007, Brussels, Belgium United Nations Development Programme


In the heart of Balkans, land of culture, cradle of nature…

Macedonia – Country Facts: 

Macedonia – Country Facts Basic information Total population: 2.02 million (60% urban) Surface area: 25,713 m2

Why Macedonia?: 

Fiscal Benefits 10% Flat tax rate Free Economic Zones Competitive Workforce Young, Dynamic Workforce (45% of population under 30) 3 state owned and 2 private Universities Excellent language skills Tailor-made training programs through Vocational Schools or Universities ~€370/month Average gross salary Excellent Infrastructure Highway system linked to EU Sites and Buildings Green customs channel 99% Wireless Country! 3 mobile and 2 fixed telephone operators 100 % digital telecommunication network Investor - friendly Government Agency I”nvest Macedonia” 2 Ministers for FDI Minimized institutional risks Access to top decision makers Higher Profits & Increased Competitiveness Competitive Location Free trade to 650mil+ market Competitive labor costs Competitive utilities Training facilities Why Macedonia?

FDI Statistics: 

FDI Statistics

Country Priority Sectors - Macedonia: 

Country Priority Sectors - Macedonia Energy Agribusiness and food-processing ICT Automotive Parts Tourism Textile and apparel Healthcare

Plenty of Energy Potential: 

Existing HEPs 504MW, up to 39% of total Planned HEPs >450MW 90% increase in next 5-10 years 1440 MW Power Generation Capacity 30-39% Hydro, up to 80% Thermal with Cold Reserve plant for peak power 20% Electricity is imported, no black-outs in at least 40 years Liberalized energy market Investments in process over next 6 years: €500M+ in HEPs, 300MW thermal expansion, 200MW CHPP near Skopje, wind study Increase in transmission line capacity to Serbia and Albania Existing EBRD projects to grow transmission capacity to Bulgaria and Greece Plenty of Energy Potential

Agribusiness & Food Processing: 

Traditionally one of the strongest in Macedonia (fruit & vegetables) The country’s EU accession process will involve substantial technical assistance and investment support funds dedicated to the sector Unique combination of Continental and Sub-Mediterranean climates, highly qualified labor, very good access to regional markets and a reputation for quality food products. Dynamic wine sector, reflecting a radical transition from predominantly cheap bulk wine export, to high quality more expensive bottled and branded wines. Agribusiness & Food Processing

Automotive Industry (Components): 

History of auto component manufacturing and existing manufacturers’ supply to the European, Russian, Turkish and African markets. Over the last ten years, global players have invested over €20 billion in car manufacturing in Central and Eastern Europe alone. Example is Johnson Controls - constructing a $40 million facility outside Macedonia’s capital Skopje to manufacture electronic automotive components. Automotive Industry (Components)


Treasury of culture and art and numerous historical monuments can be found throughout the country. The cultural heritage, combined with a temperate climate and beautiful landscape, makes Macedonia an attractive area for the development of both summer and winter tourism. With over 1,000 churches and monasteries and more then 4,200 archaeological sites, Macedonia could be among the leaders in cultural tourism in Europe. Tourism

Useful Links and Websites: 

Useful Links and Websites

Growing Sustainable Business for Poverty Reduction in Macedonia: 

Growing Sustainable Business for Poverty Reduction in Macedonia Thank you for your interest!   Irena Jakimova Investment Broker Growing Sustainable Business for Poverty Reduction Programme Tel: +389 2 32 49 542 Fax: +389 2 32 49 505     UNDP Macedonia Osma Udarna Brigada, 2 1000 Skopje, Macedonia


AGENCY FOR FOREIGN INVESTMENTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Tel: ++ 389 2 3117 564 Fax: ++ 389 2 3122 098 e-mail: web: Nikola Vapcarov 7 1000 Skopje Republic of Macedonia

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