How to be in Shape During Lockdown

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle keeps you away from diseases and improve your immune system. If you want to achieve a fit body, keep your diet balanced, and do regular exercise or other physical activities. Here we suggest some useful tips to be in shape during lockdown.


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HOW TO BE IN SHAPE DURING LOCKDOWN A H e a l t h y B o d y H o l d s A H e a l t h y M i n d S o u l B Y : Y O U R S A N C T U A R Y D A Y S P A

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Exercise makes you sweat and release toxins from your body. Many researchers have found that exercise enhances your body mood and inner wellbeing. 1.Exercise

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2.Yoga Yoga is a great tool to not only keep your stress levels under check but also ensure you have a composed mind body and soul. It offers immensehealth benefits for your physical and mental health or improves skin at this tough time.

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3.Eat Healthy You should follow a healthy diet for improved levels of much-needed energy health and mood. Ensure that your meals are rich in vitamins fiber protein and other vital nutrients.

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