Common skin issues you may face during lockdown and their solution

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Due to Covid19, every nation has set its own rules for the lockdown to control the pandemic situation. It is the best time to go all-natural. Let's discuss some common skin issues you may be facing during the lockdown and its solutions.


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COMMON SKIN ISSUES YOU MAY FACE DURING LOCKDOWN AND THEIR SOLUTION YOUR SANCTUARY DAY SPA Staying inside for a prolonged period can affect your health and skin. Your face is affected by the most issues by lack of moment and sunlight during this lockdown.

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DRY SKIN 1. One of the most common issues many of us may be dealing with right now is much drier skin SOLUTION : In order to avoid dryness or dehydration youll need to take a double-pronged approach from the inside as well as from the outside.

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2. DULLNESS Drinking lots of water and water-rich foods is again a crucial step to take here as that natural bounce and glow is often synonymous with well-hydrated skin. SOLUTION : As well as dry skin its likely that many of us are experiencing bouts of dullness right now. Gone are the days where our complexions glowed and that lit-from- within radiance factor may have depleted.

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3. BREAKOUTS Breakouts of all varieties from under-the-skin bumps to full on acne breakouts. SOLUTION : My best tip is to make sure you have a bunch of pimple patches on hand. These clever patches not only offer a surge of spot-fighting ingredients for your blemish .

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