Let's us help our abandoned pets

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Abandoned pets are just as loving and loyal as any pure breeds,


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Help a pet and save a life:

Help a pet and save a life There are thousands of dogs and cats left abandoned in Malaysia. Many are abandoned by owners who have no more time to care for their pets. Many die on the streets. You can help by helping us.

Ways to help:

Ways to help Love and care – come visit and help care for the pets that are in our facility. Donations – every penny counts to help us care for our pets. We also accept food donations. Adoptions – why not adopt one of our pets? Many here are pure breeds but our local ones are just as loving.

Visit us:

Visit us And see how much you can bring love back into your life and the lives of our pets. Check our SPCA website at www.spca.org.my Thank you

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