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Costco :

Costco Yesenia Silva Arthur Cook Montserrat Mendoza Brian Scharbach


Background Founded by James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman in 1976 First going by Price Club then PriceCostco then Costco First Costco was in Seattle Washington Costco has 335,000 employees


ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE "Culture isn't the most important thing, it is the only thing." -Jim Sinegal, Co-founder International expansion Overseas managers are trained in the United States Culture teams are sent to ensure culture is in place when expanding into new markets Employees are satisfied Good pay ages Great health and financial benefits Promotions from within Semi-casual work attire Universal Culture + Employee Satisfaction = Cultural Success

Compensation & Benefits:

Compensation & Benefits High minimum wage= $17 per hour Health care coverage with low co-pay -vision, hearing, prescriptions Retirement plans -401K Paid leave -3 months Care assistance plans -Children & Adults

Recruitment practices :

Recruitment practices Costco recruits from within Costco promotes its own people rather then going out and looking “We would not dream of hiring a manager for one of our Costco’s from outside the company” This improves employees moral and shows to them that they are valued and can move up in the company.

Training Practices:

Training Practices Level 1Food Safety Training -In-house computer training system -Yearly assessment Advantages of e-training -Money saver -Used by multiple employees at the same time -Lectures can be viewed as many times needed -Employees learn at their own pace


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